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Barrister suffers shot in legMar 04 2013

An English barrister on holidays in the Caribbean has been shot during a robbery. Deals Write comment (0 Comments)

by Reporter


Mar 04 2013WA's top magistrate critical of commisioner's call for longer hours

The West Australian police commissioner wants magistrates to work longer hours, but the state's top ...

by Olivia Collings

Mar 04 2013Courts are understanding of parental obligations, says lawyer

Outrage over the dismissal of a toddler from the senate has prompted a female lawyer to talk up. Dea...

by Olivia Collings

Mar 04 2013Einfeld's lawyers get the sack

Former federal court judge Marcus Einfeld has sacked his lawyers and is unlikely to dispute his disb...

by Olivia Collings

Mar 04 2013Sotomayor nomination ruffles America

Legal eagles across America are celebrating or scathing the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Sup...

by Kate Gibbs

Chief Justice touts lawyers' moral dutyMar 04 2013

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Queensland has welcomed new graduates into the legal profession, lecturing them on their responsib...

by Kate Gibbs

Blood smeared notes, threats, sent to lawyerMar 04 2013

Despite threatening and sending blood-smeared notes to his lawyer, a man has won the right to have his case heard again with a new lawyer. D...

by Olivia Collings

Judges, lawyers in shock fraud caseMar 04 2013

A scandal has hit the legal community after a lawyer and several judges were found guilty of fraud and bribery. Deals Write comment (...

by The New lawyer

Supreme Court now faces GM issuesMar 04 2013

Opponents to the Chrysler sale are now considering similar challenges to the pending General Motors bankruptcy.Deals Write comment (0...

by The New Lawyer

Sotomayor a 'dreaded activist': criticsMar 04 2013

Just hours after US judge Sonia Sotomayor was selected to fill the upcoming on the US Supreme Court, special interest groups launched invest...

by Kate Gibbs