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Troy Swan

General Counsel & Company Secretary
Winc | Staples + OfficeMax + Corporate Express

Troy Swan is the General Counsel, Company Secretary and Board Member of the $1.3 billion office products company Winc. He has been publicly recognised as one of Australia's leading corporate lawyers and was named the 2017 Australian Lawyer of the Year (FMCG) and an Australian General Counsel of the Year finalist in 2016, 2017 and 2019. He was also named the Association of Corporate Counsel Winner for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016.

He became only the second Australian lawyer to win the prestigious International Value Champions Award in San Francisco and was recently named in Washington the Association of Corporate Counsel Member of the Year, from over 43,000 lawyers worldwide for his commitment to the profession. This was the first time this honour was ever awarded to a lawyer outside America.

He is a regular commentator and speaker on legal and business affairs and leads an award winning legal team based in Sydney, Australia.