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Julian Morrow has made a career of public nuisance in various forms, co-founding satirical media empire The Chaser and joke company Giant Dwarf, as well as making TV shows including The Election Chaser, CNNNN, The Chaser's War on Everything and The Checkout. His work has been nominated, unsuccessfully, for many awards, and prosecuted successfully in many courts.

Julian Morrow
9:05 AM

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: What everyone should know about the trends disrupting the legal industry

Speaker: Mary O’Carroll, Head of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy, Google (US)

Today, more than ever, legal in-house leaders are charged with creating a service delivery strategy that not only provides top-quality legal services but also do so in a way that maximises value across the business. We have a dizzying array of options to choose from as a result of globalisation, disaggregation of legal services, new market entrants and new technological capabilities. In this opening session, we’ll explore some of the changes taking place, how these are affecting the in-house world, the rise of legal operations and what it means for the future of the industry.

Mary O’Carroll

Head of Legal Operations,
Technology and Strategy, Google (US)

10:05 AM

LOD: The rise of legal operations

Moderator: James Kenney, Head of Service Development (Australia), LOD
Panellist: Nigel Bond, General Counsel (Wealth, Australian Banking and Technology), Westpac
Panellist: Catriona McGregor, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Domain Group
Panellist: Marcus Breaden,General Counsel - Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems

Legal operations is currently a hot topic. But what exactly is legal operations and why should it be important to you and your team? LOD will facilitate a panel of highly respected legal professionals at various stages of their legal operations journeys and with experience across differing sized organisations and legal teams. They will analyse the trends specific to the Australian legal market and cut through the current ‘noise’ to help you brainstorm specific ways to deliver legal ops and develop the necessary talent and skills in this area. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to start your legal operations journey
  • With hindsight, what the panellists would have done differently
  • Why legal operations is trending now
  • The benefits improving your legal operations can bring you and your team
  • Who and where can you seek assistance in improving your legal operations
Catriona McGregor

Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
Domain Group

Marcus Breaden

General Counsel,
Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems

Nigel Bond

General Counsel (Wealth, Australian Banking and Technology), Westpac

James Kenney

James Kenney, Head of Service Development (Australia), LOD

11:05 AM


11:20 AM

PANEL: What CEOs want from in-house lawyers: Understanding senior management’s vision

Panellist: Patrick Kidd, CEO, Invictus Games; Principal Consultant, Deloitte Australia
Panellist: Stuart Corbishley, General Counsel, Invictus Games and FIFA 2023

Understanding the vision of senior management, and building trust across the business, is fundamental to the success and productivity of an in-house legal team. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, such communication and collegiality becomes even more important. In this session, you will gain insights into:

  • The role and function of the legal department in accordance with the vision of senior management
  • Striking a balance between legal practice duties and employing a business executive mindset
  • Gauging the business’ appetite for risk and expansion
  • Demonstrating creativity, value and direction for senior management in an evolving marketplace
  • Case studies about what works and doesn’t work in actioning the vision of a CEO and other execs

Invictus Games Sydney 2018


General Counsel,
Invictus Games and FIFA 2023

11:55 AM

Managing internal politics: Substituting the dark art with a positive psychology approach

Australian in-house lawyers are seeing their role evolve into being much more than just a part of business’ legal function. Increasingly, organisations are demanding their legal teams become specialists in their respective fields and be more involved in the commercial aspirations of the business. It is essential for legal teams to know how to effectively deal with the strong personalities in senior management. In this session, you will learn how to use sensitive political antennae, strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to master communication with the big bosses. You will also discover:

  • How to distinguish the difference between company politics versus real opportunity for organisation evolution
  • Do’s and don’ts: how to say no or express business awareness with confidence without damaging internal relationships
  • Leadership skills to help you be an effective risk enabler and coach intelligent risk-taking behaviour
  • Strategies to help you build and retain commercial relationships and position yourself as a trusted adviser
Mark Hunyor

Professional Coach and Trainer

12:55 PM

Competitive Edge through Collaboration

From the in-house perspective, gaining a competitive edge requires a legal team to operate with forethought rather than afterthought. It’s well known that cutting across the competition, exploring new opportunities and undertaking unique investments can be risky for your business, but there are measures that you, as a legal team, can take to mitigate these risks. To create durable competitive advantage, this session will enhance your ability to:

  • Move beyond cutting legal costs to optimising business spend
  • Proactively plan and implement programs to get ahead of regulatory, compliance and risk management
  • Facilitate decision making by predicting successful business outcomes
  • Minimise commercial friction and accelerate revenue-making ability
Caroline Cox

Group Company Secretary and General Counsel, BHP

James Agar

Vice President Global Communications, BHP

1:30 PM


2:15 PM

PANEL: Driving strategic development in the face of potential threats

Panellist: Catherine James, General Counsel, Allianz Retire+
Panellist: Sarah Turner, General Counsel and Company Secretary, REA Group
Panellist: Claire Bibby, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Immediation

Whether it be legal, political, technological or social, in-house lawyers need to be wary of what can impact their business’ core functions — for better or worse. In this session, you’ll gain insights into potential threats and ways to ensure your organisation is properly protected. Hear real-life scenarios on how each panellist capitalised on the threats and turned them into opportunities. In this session, the panel will discuss:

  • Incoming threats to look out for over the next few years
  • How to effectively communicate threats and ensure your company takes action
  • Steps to ensure the right support and resources are installed to protect your organisation
  • How to turn threats into opportunities for a bolstered business

General Counsel
Allianz Retire+


General Counsel and Company Secretary
REA Group

Claire Bibby

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Immediation

3:15 PM

Navigating challenges with different jurisdictions

Speaker: Katrina Johnson, Associate General Counsel & Head of Legal, Asia-Pacific Uber
For many legal teams, there is an ongoing challenge to address problems arising outside their jurisdiction, and having knowledge of laws across several states, territories and sometimes countries is a necessity. Gain insights into how your legal team can best serve the business, from any location. In this session, hear how to successfully navigate the obstacles that come with managing a legal team who must operate across multiple jurisdictions. Here you will learn to:

  • Build your team with cross-border capabilities
  • Enhance your level of resources to cope with added pressures of operating a multijurisdictional legal team
  • Minimise risks that come with operating a multijurisdictional legal team
  • Plan for the future so that your legal team is able to address any legislation coming into effect
Katrina Johnson

Associate General Counsel & Head of Legal,
Asia-Pacific Uber

3:50 PM


4:05 PM

Boost your cyber IQ – Insights into the biggest threats to data privacy and cyber security

As automation and artificial intelligence become inevitable and integrate into our everyday life, there comes an unfortunate trade off with data privacy and security. For in-house counsel, the benefits of technology can far outweigh the negatives, but with new Australian and international legislation yet to be fully tested, many legal teams are struggling with how best to define their roles and responsibilities in this regard. Join Tommy in exploring the automation environment from a regulatory and risk minimisation perspective. After this session, you will be better positioned to:

  • Know what your legal team needs to think about before implementing new technologies
  • Ensure the rest of your company follows suit and stays protected
  • Implement the tips and tricks being used by industry-leading organisations
  • Feel confident about the policies and practices your business has in place
Tommy Viljoen

National Lead Partner, Cyber Risk Services Strategy and Governance, Deloitte

4:40 PM


4:45 PM


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