Academic of the Year

The development of the next generation of lawyers is fundamental to the growth of the industry – and academics have a major responsibility in cultivating this talent. This award recognises the academic who is most effectively shaping legal undergraduates  and JD students– instilling a passion for the law, professional excellence and expertise. It is open to all female academics teaching at an undergraduate or JD level at an approved tertiary institution and covers FY2016.

 Assessment Criteria

Nominees will be judged on their responses to the following:

  • Outline the teaching or educational initiatives you have implemented or developed, outlining their contribution to improving the knowledge, skills, attitudes or professional expertise of students.
  • How have you championed or utilised technology to support the education of undergraduates and what was the outcome? Provide any outcomes-based or quantitative data that would support your case.
  • Outline the one action you have undertaken that has helped shape the legal capabilities of undergraduates or JD students and prepared them for a career in the law.