Boutique Diversity Law Firm of the Year

This award recognises a private practice law firm with 50 employees or fewer that demonstrates a commitment to diversity through its employment policies within FY2016. Retention and recruitment policies, the provision of flexible work arrangements, distinct policies implemented to lift the number of females into senior positions, policies designed to encourage women at all levels to stay at the firm and remain within the profession, plus the promotion of an inclusive workplace culture will need to be demonstrated by applicants.

 Assessment Criteria

Nominees will be judged on their responses to the following:

  • Detail the specific policies, initiatives or diversity programs implemented by the firm and any key innovations over FY2016. Specific figures or relevant information with regards to the effectiveness of those nominated policies will greatly assist candidates, including percentage increases in female partner numbers, return to work statistics of staff on parental leave, etc.
  • How has a focus on diversity shaped the culture of the firm and positively influenced its perception in the market – by clients, stakeholders, the media or competitors.
  • Detail how a focus on diversity, and in particular gender diversity, has  helped to attract and retain the best talent, support M&A activities, improve client outcomes as well as win the most lucrative work. Include relevant metrics or other evidence of success.