Thought Leader of the Year

This award recognises a female lawyer within the Australian legal profession who has shown a long-term passion and aptitude for improving the industry. This professional is able to clearly articulate the desired direction of the industry and draw upon best practice from other relevant industries and markets to champion growth and development of the sector. This is an individual award that is open to any female lawyer in private practice, in-house lawyer or member of the Bar or judiciary, and covers the period FY2016.

 Assessment Criteria

Nominees will be judged on their responses to the following:

  • Outline why you have taken on a leadership role, detailing the biggest issues currently facing the development of the legal industry and your plans to alleviate/ capitalise on these.
  • Demonstrate how you have driven innovation in the legal industry and how you have motivated the development of the profession, including case studies.
  • Detail the platforms you have used, created or engaged to support your role, why they were chosen, and highlight the outcomes and successes.