So They Can is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Tanzania and the United States.

We work together with communities and their governments in Kenya and Tanzania to educate and empower, so they can break the poverty cycle, realise their own potential and meet their own needs. This ensures our model is sustainable and we are meeting the critical needs of the communities we partner with.

Currently, across Kenya and Tanzania we:

  • Support 45,000 children and their communities
  • Educate 24,000 children across 37 schools
  • Operate a Teachers’ Training College in a remote rural part of Tanzania that graduates 100 quality teachers annually and this year placed first out of all 79 public and private colleges in Tanzania
  • Provide a nurturing home for 120 orphaned and vulnerable children at our Miti Mingi Village
  • Provide business education, loans and mentorship to 720 women facing extreme poverty through our Micro Finance Business School
  • Support a community medical centre that services the wider Nakuru community of 20,000
  • Work together with local communities to establish numerous social businesses to create jobs and generate income.

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