53 accredited specialists welcomed into Victorian profession

25 November 2021 By Naomi Neilson

Newly reappointed Law Institute of Victoria president Tania Wolff has congratulated 53 new accredited specialists who will operate across four practice areas.

The additional 53 accredited specialists have grown the total number within Victoria to 1,144 and now covers 16 areas of law. Each of the new specialists took place in the nationally recognised certification to indicate their standing as an expert in their respective fields through the rigorous assessments process.

Commenting on this achievement, Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) president Ms Wolff said it was an acknowledgment of their “superior knowledge, skills and passion”.

“I commend you for your extraordinary effort over the course of this particularly difficult and challenging COVID-19 year,” Ms Wolff said.


The successful candidates spent in excess of 100 hours preparing and undertaking assessments to attain the specialisation. Of the new cohort, LIV said that the majority were female, representing a 56 per cent increase from previous years.

Additionally, 68 per cent of the specialists practise outside of Melbourne CBD, which is also a notable increase from 49 per cent in previous years.

Ms Wolff also thanked members of the specialisation board and advisory committee for volunteering their time during the process: “A lot of time and effort also goes in to developing and marking these assessments, and I thank the committee and the board who gave their time to make this program happen.”

The new accredited specialists are:

Family Law

  • Brynne Jaques Allen
  • Matthew Beckmans
  • Amelia Beveridge
  • Michael Boal
  • Annelis Bos
  • Vanessa Camerlengo
  • Radu Catrina
  • Graham Chambers
  • Lynete Cox
  • Claire Cunnington
  • Samuel David
  • Amanda Emilie Di Placido
  • Lauren Dunning
  • Alisha Jane Edwards
  • David John Gale
  • Melissa Hine
  • Katalin Elizabeth Lello
  • Amelia Leyden
  • Chanel Martin
  • Natasha Mastroianni
  • Nicholas John McBride
  • James Michael Stanton McHale
  • Shalini Mendis
  • Carmelina Josephine Bianchi Morrison
  • Andrew Patrick O’Sullivan-Newbold
  • Carol Ann Pages
  • Mikarla Perisic
  • Deborah Sim
  • Shai Sommer
  • Natalia Todorovic
  • Elisa Turco
  • Jessica Wynd
  • Ashley Brooke Taylor
  • Caroline Khoury

Personal Injury Law

  • Skye Collin
  • Katerina Patras
  • Linda Hanley
  • Amy Johnstone
  • Aleksandar Koteski
  • Patricia McMullan
  • Ivana Pajic
  • Samuel Pearce
  • Meghan Jane Sheehan
  • Sarah Dorothy Sorrell
  • Brittaney Webb
  • Leah O’Keefe

Property Law

  • Mark Burrows
  • Ying Dai
  • Ben Franklin
  • Kristy Muhlhan 

Tax Law

  • Russell Krupp
  • Jeffrey Chang
  • Carlos Barros
53 accredited specialists welcomed into Victorian profession
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