Clutz launches 4th Melbourne art exhibitionNov 18 2019

Clayton Utz has featured two contemporary Australian artists at what marks its fourth Melbourne exhibition. News Write comment (0 Co

by Emma Ryan


Nov 18 2019‘Don’t base being a lawyer off what you see on TV’

A panel of legal professionals has issued an important warning to law students: if you want to be a ...

by Emma Ryan

Nov 06 2019Junior lawyers deliver over 5,000 hours to CLCs

Fresh reports coming out of The Piddington Society’s graduate program have confirmed more than 5,0...

by Emma Ryan

Oct 16 2019University of Adelaide students provide free advice for AAT appellants

Law students from the University of Adelaide are providing free advice to people who are appealing t...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Oct 08 2019Law’s a beach: How trading top-tier law for Solomon Islands is more than pina coladas

I recently returned from living and volunteering for 12 months as an environmental lawyer in the Sol...

by Dirk Heinz

UNSW Law to address industry’s outdated training methodsAug 27 2019

UNSW Law is set to roll out a new training program in a bid to equip the next generation of lawyers with the “practice ready” skills the...

by Reporter

Does work/life balance really exist? It’s often more like work/life imbalanceAug 25 2019

Before I had my children, my idea of motherhood was misguided to say the least. I was working full time as a solicitor for a large personal ...

by Rebecca Maplesden

Committee needed to oversee treatment of gradsAug 20 2019

Exploitation of graduate lawyers needs to stop. The establishment of an oversight committee is one way to curb such poor treatment, writes ...

by The (Pre) Lawyer in Black

Clerkship rejection is actually good for youAug 08 2019

I never had an interest in commercial law. I didn’t even know what a share was until I did the compulsory corporations law unit and a fri...

by Flynn Tytherleigh

Bond University new law degree challenges job fearsAug 08 2019

Bond University has launched four new degrees to prepare students for future careers, including a Bachelor of Legal Transformation. News ...

by Naomi Neilson