Law’s a beach: How trading top-tier law for Solomon Islands is more than pina coladas

I recently returned from living and volunteering for 12 months as an environmental lawyer in the Solomon Islands; an amazing archipelago of

by Dirk Heinz


UNSW Law to address industry’s outdated training methods

UNSW Law is set to roll out a new training program in a bid to equip the next generation of lawyers ...

by Reporter

Does work/life balance really exist? It’s often more like work/life imbalance

Before I had my children, my idea of motherhood was misguided to say the least. I was working full t...

by Rebecca Maplesden

Committee needed to oversee treatment of grads

Exploitation of graduate lawyers needs to stop. The establishment of an oversight committee is one w...

by The (Pre) Lawyer in Black

Clerkship rejection is actually good for you

I never had an interest in commercial law. I didn’t even know what a share was until I did the co...

by Flynn Tytherleigh

Bond University new law degree challenges job fears

Bond University has launched four new degrees to prepare students for future careers, including a Bachelor of Legal Transformation. News ...

by Naomi Neilson

Managing a co-career in law and art

Picasso said “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”, writes Zoë Durand. News Write c...

by Zoë Durand

Students propose winning solutions to combat legal challenges

Teams of university students have been recognised for their work in solving two challenges set by the Supreme Court of NSW and the Law Socie...

by Emma Ryan

Balance study with activities you are passionate about

Law students typically fear deviating away from a textbook-focused approach at law school because they believe high grades guarantee graduat...

by Carl Buhariwala

Stop, drop and roll: Dealing with final semester stress

How many of you remember your last high school exam? For me, it was my Japanese exam. It was in the third week of November 2014 and it was a...

by Flynne Tytherleigh