Corporate Counsel

The Corporate Counsel Show: Fundamentals for succeeding in-houseAug 12 2020

In the wake of the global pandemic, in-house lawyers have been forced to quickly adapt to a vastly different set of circumstances under the “new normal”, yet still continue

by Tasha Levy


Aug 11 2020Leaders are struggling with workload

COVID-19 has up-ended work plans for legal departments and caused economic upheaval, and leaders of ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Aug 11 2020In-house teams have a ‘fantastic opportunity’ to redefine tech use

Technology is here to stay and is changing everything about how society operates, and post-pandemic,...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Aug 09 2020Almost half of legal teams will keep changes to remote working policies

New research shows the extent to which COVID-19 has and will continue to impact upon the workplace p...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Aug 06 2020The key data governance concerns for Aussie corporates

A new report has unveiled the primary concerns that corporate Australia has about its data governanc...

by Jerome Doraisamy

How NFPs can better utilise legal ops post-pandemicAug 04 2020

Not-for-profit organisations have not been great at utilising legal operations, relative to their commercial counterparts, but that may chan...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Aged care crisis highlights need for improved governanceAug 04 2020

As a potential second wave of COVID-19 threatens NSW, now is the time for better governance and risk management, writes Megan Motto. News ...

by Megan Motto

A day in the life of a corporate counselAug 04 2020

Life as an in-house legal counsel isn’t what one would think. It’s even better, writes Lawrence Lau. News Write comment (1 Comme...

by Lawrence Lau

More in-house lawyers dedicated to cyber security than beforeAug 04 2020

New research shows a greater number of organisations with a dedicated legal counsel for cyber security matters compared to two years ago. N...

by Jerome Doraisamy

ACC, LCA team up to assist businesses navigate modern slavery risksAug 04 2020

The Association of Corporate Counsel and Law Council of Australia are helping businesses better combat human trafficking as part of good gov...

by Jerome Doraisamy