Corporate Counsel

When and why will in-house teams choose NewLaw firms?

The reasons why in-house legal departments will utilise a NewLaw firm have evolved over the past year, but there remain numerous barriers to

by Jerome Doraisamy


What advocacy for women in sport has taught Mary Konstantopoulos about her in-house work

For the founder of Ladies who League and Ladies who Legspin, being an advocate for better representa...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘As a leader, I should be setting an example’: Q&A with Nicole Birman

In this conversation, carsales general counsel and company secretary Nicole Birman said that in-hous...

by Jerome Doraisamy

You’re never going to finish your to-do list, so stop sacrificing your health for it

Life as an in-house lawyer comes with its own unique professional challenges, and prioritising healt...

by Jerome Doraisamy

5 misconceptions about wellness in the workplace

There are some who remain sceptical, but more and more workplaces and GCs are increasingly acknowled...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Law least likely to invest in security and password protection

Despite greater investment in privacy and security measures, employees are reporting they still have poor password habits that affect the co...

by Naomi Neilson

Lessons from women’s sport for gender issues in law

For the founder of Ladies who League, being an advocate for the myriad issues faced by women in sport offers a unique perspective on vocatio...

by Jerome Doraisamy

How to become a leader in legal ops

When looking to move into a leadership position in legal operations, there are number of practical first steps that one must take, argues AN...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Balancing a passion for wine with in-house work: Q&A with Joe Menezes

Life in-house can get hectic at times, senior legal counsel Joe Menezes says, but travelling the country to wine regions offers a unique cul...

by Jerome Doraisamy

What makes a successful in-house meeting?

The frequency and nature of group or one-on-one meetings within in-house legal teams can help define the productivity and success of those l...

by Jerome Doraisamy