The Boutique Lawyer Show: Taking work away from bigger firmsApr 14 2021

When former accountant and barrister Trevor Withane moved over from the UK, he quickly realised that the Australian marketplace is much more

by Robyn Tongol


Apr 12 2021Protégé: Bouncing back from major obstacles as a young lawyer

After being accepted into a law degree, one young graduate was diagnosed with cancer and told that s...

by Robyn Tongol

Apr 09 2021Lawyers must be more visible

According to GC-turned-change agent Anna Lozynski, professional branding is fast becoming as importa...

by Robyn Tongol

Apr 07 2021The Corporate Counsel Show: ALRC GC on pursuing interesting legal roles

From an early stage, Matt Corrigan knew that choosing roles in law that were of interest to him woul...

by Robyn Tongol

Apr 05 2021Innovating a graduate program with apps and podcasts 

While navigating their way through multiple rotations and networking with lawyers of all different s...

by Naomi Neilson

The changing nature of leadership in lawMar 31 2021

Having worked in Silicon Valley and other corners of the globe, Dentons COO Dr Maureen Migliazzo understands that courage, creativity and a ...

by Robyn Tongol

The Boutique Lawyer Show: Volunteering while building a firmMar 30 2021

Jaide Law founder Malisa Howard says her firm name, in French, means “I help”. This mantra guides how she structures her working week as...

by Robyn Tongol

Protégé: In-house over private practice? There’s a lot to think aboutMar 28 2021

New graduates wanting to branch into the in-house legal space right from the get-go are told to try other avenues first, but if they play th...

by Robyn Tongol

Barriers to seeking damages, and achieving justice, in the #MeToo eraMar 25 2021

A new research paper explores the extent of damages awarded to victims of sexual harassment in the workplace in the lead-up to and following...

by Robyn Tongol

The Corporate Counsel Show: An uncommon journey to in-house successMar 23 2021

 Just over 10 years ago, Ria Manguray made the decision to leave her home in Los Angeles, with her young son, to study law in Australia. By...

by Robyn Tongol