Pandemic will test businesses’ commitment to combating modern slaveryMar 26 2020

COVID-19 has businesses across Australia scrambling to adapt to new circumstances and will show how important fighting modern slavery is or isn’t, says one principal.

by Jerome Doraisamy


Mar 24 2020Emergency laws proposed in NSW to help combat COVID-19

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman on Wednesday introduced an emergency bill to the state’s parlia...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Mar 22 2020New Criminal Code definitions ‘will cause nothing but confusion’

The adoption of new definitions for the Criminal Code will result in unnecessary confusion, argues t...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Mar 18 2020Fair Work Commission Expert Panel garners new appointments

The Morrison government has appointed three new members to the Fair Work Commission Expert Panel. N...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Mar 10 2020LIV calls for action on funding ‘shortfalls’

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) has issued a statement, urging greater assistance in legal aid f...

by Emma Ryan

Homelessness courts needed across AustraliaMar 09 2020

Specialist courts for homelessness matters are crucial in order to provide “smart and holistic justice” that addresses the underlying ca...

by Jerome Doraisamy

It’s a no to Canberra to spy on AussiesMar 08 2020

I have always understood advocacy as working to bring about change for the better – defending the rights of the disadvantaged impacted bec...

by Michael Connory

Institutions refusing to join the National Redress Scheme could lose charity status and rightly soMar 05 2020

Far too many institutions required to join the National Redress Scheme have not yet joined nearly two years after they were required to foll...

by Katrina Stouppos

Parliament must end migration dual regulationMar 05 2020

The Law Council of Australia has called on parliamentarians to “swiftly” pass legislation to remove the dual regulation of migration law...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Victoria to introduce spent convictions schemeMar 05 2020

In a move that has been welcomed by the Law Institute of Victoria, the Andrews government will legislate a spent convictions scheme. News ...

by Jerome Doraisamy