A positive step for access to justiceDec 04 2019

The High Court of Australia has refused leave in El Ali v Royal & Ors; Zreika v Royal & Ors, thereby leaving undisturbed the unanimo

by Dr Christopher Birch SC and Penny Thew


Dec 03 2019How GCs can be more strategic

Being more strategic is now a core competency for general counsel, even as they face huge pressures ...

by Matthew Kay

Nov 27 2019Don’t burn your bridges!

When leaving one employer for another, you need to make sure you do so in the right fashion, writes ...

by Jason Elias

Nov 21 2019Technology will empower lawyers – not replace them

Every now and then pundits make claims that technology will eliminate human lawyers. Some even fanta...

by Arthur Marusevich

Nov 20 2019Best practices for prevention and immediate response to a breach

Preparing for a cyber attack involves a broad set of stakeholders within a business, and it is becom...

by Emma Ryan

Executive leadership style: Nature or nurture?Nov 19 2019

There are many people who struggle to see a person with a disability as being a leader or possessing leadership qualities. This attitude has...

by Rob Silberstein

How to fuel the sales pipelineNov 17 2019

A solid pipeline of enquiry, with a high rate of conversion, is critical to business – independently of industry or size. The relentless d...

by Anthony Hersch

Client feedback - the undercooked element of customer experience programs Nov 14 2019

Unlike the fast-moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) that base most of their research and customer satisfaction on quantitative reviews, pr...

by Hans Morse

Queensland mandates its panel law firms must achieve the pro bono targetNov 13 2019

Pro bono is a central pillar of a law firm’s corporate responsibility efforts and it is time for law firms to stop making excuses for not...

by Jaci Burns

Split execution and electronic signatures: Unresolved and untestedNov 11 2019

A recent judgment has posed questions about what constitutes a valid execution of a contract, write three MinterEllison lawyers. ...

by Mike Hales, James Barrett and Dylan Hoyne