Step up (not out) with communication during pandemicMar 26 2020

In such a turbulent time, effective communication with clients and colleagues is more important than ever before, writes Shelby Timmins.

by Shelby Timmins


Mar 23 2020What I learned in 3 years of working from home

The prospect of indefinite remote working may be daunting for lawyers accustomed to life in an offic...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Mar 22 2020The true value of cultivating trust

“Trust” is the term de jour because of its increasing prominence and significance – not only i...

by John Arneil

Mar 19 2020Lawyer X and Paul Dale: The story of dirty tricks, cover-ups and corruption

For quite some time, and even now still, Paul Dale would open his newspaper or switch on the televis...

by Naomi Neilson

Mar 19 2020How to build brand equity (and get noticed by the right clients)

There’s a progressive paradigm shift in the boutique legal sector with the profession increasingly...

by Anthony Hersch

5 ways managing partners must respond to economic turmoilMar 12 2020

Firm leaders, particularly those in the SME space, have to be prepared to manage the fallout of global events, writes Jacob Aldridge. ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

The rhetoric and the reality: The cuts to family law support servicesMar 11 2020

Following the murder of Hannah Clarke and her children, we heard from the PM and politicians in parliament about the need to turn “words i...

by Marcia Neave AO and Nicky Bromberg

Making workplace sexual harassment a thing of the pastMar 10 2020

While sexual harassment is not a new issue, in recent years there has been a growing awareness of employee rights when it comes to harassmen...

by Talitha Maugueret

It’s a no to Canberra to spy on AussiesMar 08 2020

I have always understood advocacy as working to bring about change for the better – defending the rights of the disadvantaged impacted bec...

by Michael Connory

Institutions refusing to join the National Redress Scheme could lose charity status and rightly soMar 05 2020

Far too many institutions required to join the National Redress Scheme have not yet joined nearly two years after they were required to foll...

by Katrina Stouppos