Why conscious lawyers are needed now more than everAug 02 2020

2020 has been a crash course in resilience. Not only on a personal level for each one of us, but for our workplaces, businesses and clients

by Artemis Evangelidi


Jul 30 2020Workers’ compensation claimants not the only ones being cheated by major insurers

The disgraceful tactics used by insurers, as exposed by ABC’s Four Corners, punishing injured wor...

by Melissa O'Neill

Jul 30 2020Time to outlaw the ambush interview tactic

Laws must be introduced to stop people from using the “ambush interview/video” predatory tactic,...

by Nicole Murdoch

Jul 29 2020Managing WHS requirements in the ‘new normal’

Protecting the holistic health of employees will help ensure the continued success of business opera...

by Steve Fletcher

Jul 28 2020Some law firms are great, others hire PR pros

If your law firm wants to build its brand and manage its reputation, having public relations experti...

by Jaci Burns

Pertinent lessons for lawyers from AOCJul 27 2020

When good men remain silent, their conduct enables others to abuse and degrade women without impunity, writes Larissa Andelman. ...

by Larissa Andelman

Exercise in crisis management: Law students at the forefront of decision-makingJul 27 2020

The Australian legal and regulatory landscape will be forever changed by COVID-19, especially for law graduates across the country, writes G...

by Gemma Dabkowski

Free speech, and people’s reputations, are both worth defendingJul 23 2020

Ensuring the reputations of all persons are protected, while allowing for free and responsible speech, is a balance that must be struck, wri...

by Attorney-General Mark Speakman SC

What law firms need to know about cyber securityJul 22 2020

Law firms face unique risks when it comes to cybercrime. Here’s what you can do to protect your business, writes Susie Jones. ...

by Susie Jones

Midyear cyber considerations for in-house teamsJul 21 2020

Following a half-yearly stocktake on developments in the cyber risk landscape last year, a team of lawyers from Clyde & Co returns to di...

by Jerome Doraisamy