Why migration applications are stacking up in courts right nowJan 19 2021

In Australia, immigration has been continuously used as political hyperbole, which has seemingly led a movement towards uncompromising immig

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Jan 18 2021The COVID-19 vaccine wars: The vacuum that needs filling

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Jan 17 2021Legal tech and the rise (and fall?) of remote working

Despite the significant increase in the volume of lawyers working away from the office, it is possib...

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Jan 12 2021Making ‘more varied, productive and positive decisions’ as lawyers

Relationships are an unavoidable feature of society that many of us are either pursuing and maintain...

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Jan 11 2021‘Your success is not dependent on external circumstances’

Legal professionals can and must appreciate that they can learn to truly excel in the face of hardsh...

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Beyond the disruption: Tomorrow’s lawyers should get legal tech readyJan 11 2021

Today’s law students will enter a legal industry that bears little resemblance of the past, and legal tech education is not only necessary...

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6 tips to help legal practices mitigate new stressorsDec 29 2020

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Why policies alone don’t change sexual harassment culturesDec 22 2020

The pandemic has impacted the way that we work, with one major change being the huge uptick in the number of people working from home. Howev...

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The clarity and camaraderie of 2020Dec 18 2020

As 2019 turned into 2020, the team at CIE Legal planned the year ahead and coalesced around a “back to basics” mantra. I shared it with ...

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