Celebrating 20 Years of Legalwise Seminars

Since starting out 20 years ago, Legalwise Seminars has become one of the most renowned continuing professional development (CPD) providers for legal professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Legalwise Seminars
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Legalwise Seminars has transformed from providing programs for legal professionals in Sydney alone to being the CPD provider of choice for tens of thousands of professionals.

For 20 years, those working in the legal sphere have earned CPD points that truly matter and are not just checkmarks on a record but are actual tangible enhancements of knowledge, expertise and experience that can be applied in the field.

Since starting with just a few face-to-face seminars, they have come a long way to where they now provide seminars in various cities across both Australia and New Zealand and have a thriving and robust online presence. 

Those who make use of their CPD programs have access to a phenomenal range of face-to-face and virtual programs that can be attended live or on-demand whatever one's need requires.


A message from Jacquelyn Simon, Managing Director, Legalwise Seminars:

“We have the best speakers in the profession who provide the best content that money can buy. Thanks to contributions from the best in the business, we have succeeded in meeting the goals we set out so long ago, in that we have become a destination for legal professionals to grow their knowledge in a meaningful way.

Our success as a CPD provider would not be possible without the support of the hard-working and dedicated legal professionals that populate our industry. Therefore, it is with great pride and admiration that we, as a CPD provider, celebrate not only our own 20-year anniversary but also celebrate 20 years of excellence from a legal sector that has become the benchmark for legal sectors worldwide.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, and we look forward to hosting you at many more CPD programmes in the next 20 years ahead.” 


To sign up for Legalwise Seminars CPD programs, browse on their website and see what’s on offer, click here  


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