Why sign up with Legalwise Seminars?

As a legal professional, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are a necessity if you are not only going to remain compliant but also excel in your field. However, sometimes gathering all of your required CPD points for the year can be arduous and complicated if you are attempting to earn your points from different service providers.

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Why sign up with Legalwise Seminars?
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Finding the ideal opportunities for CPD points can be tricky and it can also end up being pricey. This is why Legalwise Seminars is the ideal way for solicitors to earn their required annual CPD points in the most convenient way possible.

Below are a few reasons why taking out an annual CPD Subscription with Legalwise Seminars is worthwhile.

Unbeatable Discount

If you sign up ahead of time, you will immediately receive a 30% discount. That is one of the excellent reasons to subscribe right away.

A Single Source

To continue to be compliant, you must accumulate 10 CPD points per year. With Legalwise Seminars, you can obtain all 10 points, making the process much simpler for you.

There are occasions when you can accumulate all 10 points in a single day's from a variety of programs. In other instances, you can opt to spread your points out over the course of the year by simply attending the seminars that you personally find to be most beneficial.

Best Content & Speakers

In the area of law, Legalwise Seminars have the best speakers and content. Their skilled speakers are chosen for their experience and competence, and they are renowned for giving insightful, and timely presentations that significantly advance your career.

Time and Money

If you work in the legal profession, you will not have to search for CPD point-awarding seminars elsewhere if you pursue your CPD points with Legalwise Seminars, which will save you time and money. You will be provided with access to everything at one convenient location, saving you a lot of time and money because you would not have to deal with several service providers or pay high prices for individual services.


The flexibility of the programs are also a major draw. You will have the choice to attend most of the seminars either live online or on demand. This allows you to pursue the topics you find most interesting and useful to you at a time that is most convenient to you and your unique needs.

Lots of Content

Every year, they add an additional 1,500 hours of brand-new legal content that is fresh and up-to-date in every respect. These will help you gain points while also keeping you informed on the most recent advancements in your sector. Additionally, you will have access to hundreds of previous recordings.


You will receive a certificate of attendance for each course you complete, which will be sent to your email address so you can track your CPD points. Since the yearly subscription is valid for 12 months, you have a whole year to plan and decide which seminars are most worthwhile for you.

As a legal professional, CPD courses have never been easier to attend. Sign up for Legalwise Seminars today! 

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