New Connected Legal Certification upskills in-house legal professionals

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The new Connected Legal Certification teaches in-house legal professionals how to be more productive, engaged, and impactful while gaining professional development.

Would you like to learn change management or stakeholder management? Have more cohesive contract management? Or learn how to design your own intake system?

In-house legal professionals now have the opportunity to achieve the first certification outlining best practice in-house legal — the Connected Legal Certification. It will teach you everything you need to know as an in-house legal professional that law school and private practice didn’t provide!

The Certification follows the Connected Legal Function framework and teaches various soft and hard skills essential to becoming a high-performing in-house legal team, and an even more strategic partner to the business.

Do you remember why you moved in-house?

When lawyers move in-house, they’re often searching for the opportunity to be part of the bigger picture, see issues through to the end, and play an influential role in the organisation's success. Yet, due to a complex environment and large workloads, and being overworked, stressed, and unempowered by tools and resources, it becomes challenging to be a valued partner to the business and focus on the impactful and meaningful work they moved in-house to do.

The 2022 In-house Legal Technology Report proved this disconnect. It found that 92 percent of US and UK legal professionals surveyed believe that time spent on manual daily activities takes time and effort away from working on larger business goals or affects the ability to deliver services on time.

The Connected Legal Function framework offers a solution. It not only empowers in-house legal professionals to optimise performance, manage complexity, and deal with large volumes of work, but it will also maximise their connection with, and impact on, the business.

The Connected Legal Certification provides the insights, tools, and behaviours to achieve this way of working.

Shaun Plant

“The Connected Legal Certification assists in-house legal professionals achieve what they moved in-house to do by connecting them to their work, to the business, and better enabling them to demonstrate the value they add to business outcomes. In a nutshell, it helps them to realise their reasons for practising as an in-house lawyer.”

— Shaun Plant — LawVu’s Chief Evangelist

An exciting way to build skills and continue learning

The Connected Legal Certification is relevant to all in-house professionals, whether you’re the first General Counsel, a sole in-house counsel, an in-house lawyer in a larger team, a seasoned legal leader, or a Head of Legal Operations.

It also caters to every stage of a legal team — from setting up a legal function from scratch, to improving individual skills, to optimising a well-established legal team. It covers everything from soft skills, like change management, project management, and stakeholder engagement, through to more practical goals such as designing your intake system and how to automate parts of your legal workflow.

Learn new skills by working through on-demand videos, quizzes, and templates, and progress through the four steps of the Connected Legal Function.

Step 1. Optimise Productivity and get on top of workload, manage complexity, and free up time by learning how to:

  • minimise legal waste
  • build legal capital
  • collect and surface data
  • prioritise workflow
  • collaborate effectively with the legal team

Step 2. Optimise Engagement to understand business context and build collaborative relationships with the business and:

  • collaborate with the wider business
  • establish trust with stakeholders
  • understand business functions and organisational context
  • build the business’ understanding of legal
  • change management

Step 3. Be Proactive and take the extra time you’ve saved in Steps 1 and 2 to become more embedded in the business, get ahead of issues before they arise, and:

  • empower the business to involve legal early
  • pre-empt legal requirements and manage resource ahead of time;
  • establish continuous optimisation

Step 4: Focus on Impact and learn how to drive business outcomes and showcase legal’s value to the business so you can maximise the legal team’s impact.

The Connected Legal Certification is an engaging way to continue your education and professional development, and, depending on your location, you may even be able to accrue CPD or CLE credits.

Begin your Connected Legal Certification now!

To become a more productive, engaged, and impactful legal team, head over to the Connected Legal Certification, sign up, and begin your journey!