LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, has launched its latest innovative legal solution Lexis+, an AI-powered legal knowledge platform.

Lexis+® unites legal research, guidance on the law and enhanced analytical tools – all packaged in a modern user experience to deliver greater efficiency, increased confidence, and better outcomes for Australian lawyer’s clients.

Since 2016 LexisNexis has been leveraging developments in technology, including building on their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to power Search as well as new experiences such as helping their customers find alternate drafting when preparing documents (Lexis Clause Intelligence) and empowering customers to construct more persuasive arguments by unearthing deep insights from their content (Lexis Argument Analyser).

LexisNexis survey completed in USA  March 2023

The introduction of Lexis+ provides an opportunity to present a fully integrated experience of all LexisNexis products and content offerings to help streamline customer workflow, reduce the cognitive load of switching applications as well as the platform that will enable a generative AI solution in 2024.

LexisNexis worked with more than 2,000 customers worldwide to understand how Legal Practitioners work.

Lexis+ is differentiated from Lexis Advance, not only by its upgraded, simpler to use integrated interface and streamlined workflows but also by its wealth of helpful beginning-to-end experiences that minimise context switching, save time and, therefore money as well as surfacing key insights to help mitigate the risk of missing something important.

Streamlining the lawyer’s research experience frees up their time to do the things that really matter, like fostering client relationships, growing expertise and delivering better client outcomes.

Based on extensive customer feedback, Lexis+ addresses the specific needs of legal professionals in all segments, industries, and areas of practice with key features including:

focus and clarity

  • Legislation Compare: Legislation Compare is an easy way to compare two versions of the same legislation and reduce the time taken to review how the law has evolved over time.
  • Leading Cases: Lexis+ surfaces the cross-references to important cases for a legislative provision reducing search time and supporting legal research to drive better and more precise outcomes.
  • Practical Guidance: Fully integrated practical guidance experience including practice notes, precedents, checklists, drafting tools and industry insights from leading practitioners now easily accessible from the home page and within legal research results.
  • Lexis Answers: Responds to natural language search queries with the best, most relevant answers from Caselaw taking users to its location within the document.
  • Enhanced AI Powered Search Capabilities that give lawyers more control over their research experience, including:
    • Search Tree: Graphically depicts Boolean searches and highlights the impact of each keyword on search results, enabling users to refine and feel confident for the best results.
    • Search Term Maps: Visually depicts clusters of terms within search results and documents across major content types for fast, easy navigation, trend identification and direct access to the most relevant information.

The introduction of Lexis+ for Australian lawyers

"The introduction of Lexis+ for Australian lawyers represents a significant milestone in our strategy to create legal solutions that improve lawyers' productivity, workflow, and their ability to deliver timely and strategic counsel. The integration of new AI driven tools is also a game changer for the industry" said Greg Dickason, Managing Director, LexisNexis Pacific and Asia.

Over the coming months, LexisNexis will continue to add new tools and product integrations to Lexis+ including more enhanced analytics and legislative news from Capital Monitor.

Lexis+ Australia is the latest global offering in the Lexis+ family, complimenting earlier Lexis+ releases in the U.S. Canada and the U.K and laying the foundation stone for Lexis+ AI. Lexis+ AI incorporates generative AI solutions such as conversational search, insightful summarisation, and intelligent drafting to provide first of its kind tools for lawyers to dramatically increase their speed and productivity and become more strategic and client centric than ever before.

LexisNexis Australia looks forward to launching Lexis+ AI in 2024.

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