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Legalwise Seminars is dedicated to being your trusted partner in advancing skills, expanding networks, and ensuring careers stand the test of time. Take advantage of their Early Bird Sale, offering an 30% off on all programs until Friday, 22 December.

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Building Networks is Important

Their platform provides a gateway to a vibrant community of mentors, colleagues, and clients. Attend their meticulously curated networking events, including the 10 Points in One Day conferences, to build connections that open doors to new opportunities.

Legalwise Seminars offers a diverse range of programs, from on-demand courses to in-person seminars, all tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the legal profession. Whether you're delving into advancements in artificial intelligence or navigating the intricacies of evolving legal frameworks, their programs cover it all. And the best part? Every program is now available at an incredible 30% off during our Early Bird Sale till Friday, 22 December.

What’s upcoming in 2024?

Legalwise Seminars unveil an enticing array of programs designed to elevate your legal expertise throughout 2024. From administrative law, business law, CPD core competency, family law, property law, injury compensation, & so much more, they have got you covered.

With programs like regulatory decision making, cross-border contracts to the nuanced landscapes of franchising law, contract law, and PPSA practice, their offerings span the entire legal spectrum. Delve into criminal law with insightful presentations at the Criminal Law Conference and the complexities of traffic and driving offences. Fulfill your CORE CPD requirements seamlessly through their diverse range of ethics, professional skills, and practical seminars catering to lawyers of all specialties.

Explore Family Law at the Annual Family Law Conferences, discussions on SMSFs, Loans and Tax, and a comprehensive examination of challenging parenting and children's matters. Their programs, including the Film and TV Conference and Immigration Conference, offer a holistic perspective to complement your legal acumen. In Property Law, engage in leading discussions at the Retail and Commercial Leasing Review, Conveyancing Conference, and the Annual Property Law Conferences. Finally, delve into critical topics in Injury Compensation, including updates on dust diseases, forums on abuse law, and insights into medical negligence.

Elevate your expertise further with their unique "10 Points in One Day" session, hosted in Parramatta and the Gold Coast, also held on a Saturday – and available as a last chance on 28 March.

Content is King

Content is king at the Legalwise Seminars' Legal Insights page. Each article is driven by leading practitioners offering profound legal knowledge, from in-depth analyses of legal developments to practical insights on navigating complexities.

Sign up now and dive into the realm of wisdom with Legalwise Seminars' Legal Insights.

Stay Ahead with the Legalwise Seminars Individual 10 CPD Point Package

Elevate your professional standing with their Individual 10 CPD Point Package, currently available at a discounted rate of $693.00*. Seamlessly meet your CPD requirements in Substantive Law, Ethics, Practice Management, and Professional Skills over a 365-day period, ensuring you stay one step ahead in your legal career.

This package offers access to Australia's largest and most flexible library of content, encompassing in-person events and online self-paced learning. Mix and match up to 10 hours of CPD from face-to-face events across 6 States and Territories, live online sessions, on-demand recordings, and an extensive past paper catalogue.

As they continuously add over 1200 hours of content each CPD year, choosing the Legalwise Seminars Individual 10 CPD Point Package guarantees you a wealth of knowledge.

Grab the discounted Individual 10 CPD Point Package now* and make the Wise choice with Legalwise Seminars!

Maximise Continued Professional Development Opportunities

Legal professionals need to be constantly on top of the latest developments to ensure the best possible quality of service and likelihood of success. The more informed you are, the greater the opportunities will be, as your reputation as somebody who is always on top of industry developments will begin to develop.

It is recommended that you don't just fulfil the minimum CPD requirements but that you go above and beyond by learning as much as you can to ensure the most advanced set of knowledge possible.

[CTA] To take advantage of Legalwise Seminars' law CPD courses and build your career in ways that will stand the test of time, check out their website here and chat with one of our team.

*Early bird offer available until Friday 22 December 2023. Full price is $990

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