Litera Compare: Accurate & Trustworthy Redlines for Global Law Firms

If you’re new to Litera, you may not know that we have a 20+-year history delivering world-class document comparison technology to law firms worldwide.

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Litera Represents More Than a Collection of Brands

From its inception, Litera has consistently strived to build top-tier solutions while strategically acquiring companies that complement our vision of providing holistic and simplified user experiences. Initially, our comparison tool was ChangePro, designed to address the needs of lawyers comparing lengthy and complex documents. In 2019, we acquired Workshare, inheriting Workshare Compare, and in 2020, we acquired DocsCorp, inheriting compareDocs.

These strategic acquisitions enhanced our product portfolio. However, offering more than three comparison tools simultaneously led to confusion among our customers and resource drain as we continually aimed to innovate and maintain these solutions.

To address these challenges, we decided to consolidate the most popular features from all our comparison tools to create Litera Compare. This consolidation process involved close collaboration with our customers to understand their preferred workflows and functionalities across the three comparison tools. As a result of our efforts, Litera Compare has become an integral part of day-to-day operations for 99% of Am Law 100 firms and numerous highly ranked global law firms and legal teams, from solo practices to large enterprises. In October 2023 alone, over 8 million documents were analyzed using Litera Compare.

What is Litera Compare?

Litera Compare is a legal document comparison software that can detect changes between any two documents in seconds, irrespective of the device used. It simplifies the complexity of comparisons, enabling users to gain holistic insights into changes in a user-friendly layout, eliminate manual comparisons, focus on high-value legal work, and submit accurate final drafts with confidence.

What sets Litera Compare apart is its accuracy, reliability, and the manner in which it presents the evolution of the document to end users. We have rigorously tested Litera Compare against other comparison tools in the market, and each time, Litera Compare has emerged as the superior option.

To meet the varied needs and preferences of firms and legal teams, Litera Compare is offered in two formats: Litera Compare Desktop and Litera Compare Server.

Litera Compare Desktop allows legal professionals to deliver enhanced client experiences, improve collaboration, and reduce the risk of overlooking changes in documents. It integrates with various platforms like iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, OpenText eDocs DM, Google Suite, Worldox, Epona, and more.

Litera Compare Server is a web service that permits server-side document comparisons and provides APIs for integration with various client applications. It enhances consistency in user experience across platforms and devices and supports drafting workflows.

We also offer the Litera Compare Microsoft 365 Web App, which brings our advanced comparison technology directly into your Microsoft Word online browser environment and on a standard desktop.

Irrespective of the version you choose, you can leverage the many features of Litera Compare, such as optimized performance, high-quality results, scalability, user-friendly features, high-quality OCR, and focus on legal document comparisons. It also provides several configurations, handles conflicting changes, and accurately detects and displays numbering, table, and image changes.

If you're interested in learning more about why top-ranked global law firms use Litera Compare, get your copy of our eBook, which explores the many features and benefits of switching to Litera Compare or implementing comparison software for the first time.

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