How Family Law Firms Are Remaining Resilient And Growing Their Practice

Navigating the financial challenges of divorce has become even more daunting amidst the cost of living crisis. Learn how innovative family law firms are using family law finance to assist clients, remain resilient and grow their practice.

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Against this backdrop, specialised family law funding solutions are emerging as crucial allies to both individuals involved in family law cases and the law firms that represent them.

Financial pressures make separation even more challenging and engaging lawyers more difficult

Recent data from The Separation Guide's State of Separation Impact Report 2023 reveals a worrying trend: financial pressures are not only straining family relationships, they’re also making separation more challenging and engaging lawyers more difficult.

With the rental crisis, interest rate rises, and the overall increase in cost of living, the number of couples separating but continuing to live together soared from 44% in January 2022 to 56% by December 2022.

Concerns regarding legal fees are also driving more and more people away from engaging lawyers, with 46.6% of respondents indicating they first attempted a “do-it-yourself” approach without the help of legal professionals.

How JustFund helps people going through divorce and separation

  • Easing the financial burden during divorce: Facing a divorce can be financially overwhelming. JustFund alleviates the financial pressures associated with a client’s legal fees and disbursements, and enables them to make decisions based on the merits of their case rather than their financial limitations.

  • Achieving a fair and equitable outcome: JustFund plays a pivotal role in leveling the playing field in situations where financial imbalances exist between the parties. JustFund's support is vital in assisting clients to engage quality family lawyers of their choice, but also securing a fair and equitable settlement for life post-separation.

  • Accessing quality legal representation: Without adequate funding, too many individuals are forced to resort to inexperienced lawyers or do-it-yourself legal solutions which are rarely suited to someone’s needs. If clients don’t have a family lawyer in mind, JustFund can connect them to a growing network of over 300 accredited partner family law firms, ensuring they receive the right guidance from someone they can trust.

How JustFund helps family law firms remain resilient and grow their practice

  • Enhancing client accessibility & diversity: JustFund enables law firms to turn away fewer clients and broaden their client base by providing flexible payment solutions. This is particularly crucial in times of greater economic hardship and in cases where financial barriers prevent individuals from seeking the legal help they need. By offering JustFund to clients, law firms not only expand their client base but also diversify it, addressing a wider spectrum of legal needs and helping more people in their community. Easing the financial burden for clients also leads to enhanced client satisfaction, stronger client-lawyer relationships, and a potential increase in referrals, further contributing to the firm's growth and reputation.

  • Stabilising cash flow and enhancing operational efficiency: With JustFund, law firms can get invoices paid within just 24 hours of client approval. This helps to stabilise cash flow, a common struggle for family law firms, but also reduces the administrative burden of chasing unpaid invoices. With more time on their hands, family lawyers are able to focus on doing their best work and providing greater client care.

  • Connecting with new prospective clients: JustFund is regularly approached by clients looking for trusted family lawyers near them. JustFund can introduce these clients to its growing network of accredited partner family law firms across Australia.

Ready to partner with JustFund?

JustFund is not your typical family law funding solution. It is founded and operated by lawyers, including family lawyers, and it takes a more flexible, “family law approach” to funding. Family lawyers do not need to complete lengthy case summaries in support of their client's application, and the online application process is simple, the team is responsive and they make fast funding decisions. Law firms also do not guarantee or underwrite the funding.

Are you ready to grow your family law practice in 2024?

To learn more about JustFund and how to become an accredited law firm, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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