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Legalwise Seminars has grown to provide lawyers and other professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand the insights and training they seek on a daily basis, delivered in flexible formats: in-person, online, and on-demand. Their vision is to remain embedded in your practice, for you to grow with Legalwise Seminars and to continue to provide you with the right information, at the right time and in the right format.

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A delegate once said,
“Legalwise Seminars has the best speakers,
the best content and everyone in the room knows it.”
This sentiment has consistently fuelled their purpose

As you will be aware, in order to comply with regulations, solicitors must earn 10 CPD units every legal CPD year, running from 1 April to 31 March annually. With over 200 programs this February-March, Legalwise Seminars offers a convenient solution to earn all 10 points with their various in-person seminars and online events. Depending on your preference, you can even accumulate all 10 points in a single day by attending the seminars that are most relevant to you.

Streamline your learning with Legalwise Seminars’: 10 Point Packages, just a click away.

Save yourself the travel time and earn all your 10 CPD points in one sitting, with Legalwise Seminars’ 10 Points in One Day programs taking place in February and March. These are all available to attend in person or watch live online on the day.

In Canberra, start with the Government Law Symposium, covering 10 vital topics for government lawyers, including CPD units, privacy, integrity, and administrative law updates or attend the 10-point Canberra program to address key issues in estates, family, property, and commercial law, and gain insights into updates on contracts, consumer law, and employment law for a comprehensive learning experience.

Queensland professionals can stay current in essential practice areas with the 10 Points in One Day Conference on the Gold Coast. Get a review on wills and estates, managing risks, upcoming changes in property law bill 2023, regulatory compliance related to land all Lawyers must be aware of, responsible use of CHATGPT, and more.

And yes, it may take place on a Saturday, but once you're done, you've covered all your points for the year without taking any valuable time away from the office. Saturday 10 Points in One Day is an investment, providing a thorough roundup of 11 crucial issues, including family law updates, probate and estate planning roundups, contract and employment law disputes, considerations of property law, and an examination of insolvency and bankruptcy concerns.

For those who find themselves with last-minute CPD requirements, Legalwise Seminars' has got you covered with their "Last Chance" 10 point program, it ensures coverage of 10 key areas of law, including ethics, professional skills, and practice management, to achieve meaningful learning outcomes.

Legalwise Seminars is committed to supporting professionals' continuous professional development with accessible and comprehensive solutions.

Ethical Frontiers: Navigating Bias and AI Impact

Widen your ethical considerations with Legalwise Seminars' Core Competency sessions running over lunch over 3 weeks, with the first session taking place on Wednesday 14 February. Entitled ‘How (Un)Ethical Are You? Overcoming Unconscious Bias’ and led by Leah Marrone, this bitesize webinar offers insights into unconscious bias and its influence in the work environment and client interactions. Attendees will discover practical strategies, guided by an experienced barrister, to confront these biases in the legal field.

The remainder of the lunchtime series offer expert guidance on the Do's and Don'ts that can impact mediation outcomes, and delve into the practical and ethical dilemmas surrounding recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that are reshaping the landscape for all professionals.

Explore cutting-edge legal topics through meticulously designed seminars and benefit from thorough research and participant input to enhance your professional expertise. Sign up today with Legalwise Seminars.

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