Ethical Frontiers: CPD Essentials for Lawyers in 2024

Discover a short selection of courses designed to help lawyers stay ahead of rising ethical challenges likely to impact their legal practice this year.

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The foundation of the legal profession is built on ethical integrity, ensuring trust and reliability in the eyes of the public and in the justice system itself. Lawyers, as custodians of this trust, face the continual challenge of adapting to new ethical dilemmas that emerge with societal and professional changes. If chosen intentionally, your mandatory professional development hours can be an excellent opportunity for you to stay ahead of these shifts.

Discover below a list of CPD courses addressing the ethical challenges that are increasingly common in the legal field. These courses will help you to effectively tackle current ethical dilemmas affecting your legal practice.

Lawyers’ Ethical Duties in the Digital Age

As technology becomes ever more integrated into the fabric of legal practice, understanding its ethical implications is paramount. Learn about the responsibilities of lawyers in safeguarding client data, ensuring confidentiality, and navigating the ethical pitfalls of digital communication and AI. Learn more

Ethical Decision Making for Lawyers

Critical thinking and ethical reasoning are indispensable tools in a lawyer’s arsenal. This course offers a framework for approaching ethical dilemmas, empowering lawyers to make decisions that align with professional standards and societal expectations. Learn more

Communications Between Bench & Bar: Perception Is Everything

The dynamics of communication within the legal system are intricate and laden with potential ethical pitfalls. This course explores the nuances of ethical communication between lawyers, their respective clients, and the judiciary. Learn more

Remote Work for Lawyers: Ethics and Cyber Risk

The shift towards hybrid and remote work has opened new avenues for flexibility but also introduced unique challenges in maintaining ethical standards and cyber security. This course addresses the best practices for remote legal work, focusing on data protection, client confidentiality, and the ethical use of technology. Learn more

Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer: The Ethics of Being Professional

There are times when lawyers do things which are considered appropriate in the course of legal practice, but in other contexts would attract moral disapproval. This can sometimes lead to reduced levels of public trust and a lack of understanding among the public. Examines some key ethical challenges facing the legal profession from a different perspective – that of a philosopher and ethicist. Learn more

Mental Ill Health in the Profession and its Ethical Implications

Why is the mental health of legal professionals coming under so much scrutiny? Gain a deeper understanding of the issue, the possible causes, and how it can be addressed and managed. Learn more

Ethics in the legal profession is not a static set of principles but a living, breathing part of daily practice that evolves over time. The courses outlined above represent a commitment to lifelong learning and ethical vigilance, ensuring lawyers remain at the forefront of ethical practice. Engaging with these CPD courses is a step towards not just fulfilling your professional obligations but also reinforcing the public's trust in the legal profession. offers over 100 hours of interactive, engaging online CPD courses you can complete on-demand 24/7. Learn more at

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