5 C's to look for in your CPD compliance

Current, Compliant, Convenient, Compelling, Cutting-edge - here are the five Cs you shouldn't ignore when getting your annual CPD sorted

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As the CPD deadline approaches, looking for shortcuts to earn your points can be tempting. But getting CPD compliant is much more than choosing 10 hours of training. To help you navigate your compliance requirements before the March 31 deadline, the LawCPD team has compiled a list of the 5 C's you should look for when selecting your CPD.

1. Current

In a field as dynamic as law, staying up to date is non-negotiable. That's why most regulators require that an online program be released or updated within the year to be claimable for CPD points. Opt for CPD activities with current content, and prioritise CPD providers that regularly review and update their courses and programs.

2. Compliant

When selecting online CPD, it's safer to preference interactive courses over recorded content to ensure you can claim all your points. While lawyers can claim unlimited CPD points each year for completing interactive online CPD in most states – including New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland - the number of points claimable for video and audio recordings is capped at a maximum of 5 per year.

3. Convenient

There's no need to limit yourself to face-to-face events and live webinars anymore. Interactive, on-demand CPD can save you time during work hours and help you transform unproductive downtime into valuable learning time. Look for self-paced and interactive CPD offerings, as they allow you to pause and resume at will to earn points anywhere, anytime.

CPD Compliance Packs rigorously developed to meet all your jurisdiction's CPD requirements are an even more convenient way to get your point sorted quickly.

4. Compelling

CPD shouldn't be just about fulfilling requirements when it can be so much more! High-quality courses will enrich your legal practice by giving you access to current and deeply relevant information. Choose courses that fuel curiosity, stimulate critical thinking, and are engaging enough to provide memorable learning experiences.

LawCPD's courses are designed to be interactive and enjoyable and developed with leading authors and legal experts - keeping you engaged while offering the assurance of accessing high-standard content.

5. Cutting Edge

Don't settle for the same old traditional CPD. Innovation in course delivery can transform your learning into an experience that's not just educational but also genuinely exciting. Align with CPD providers who actively engage in re-shaping the future of learning, such as LawCPD. Our new AI-powered feature, for example, is the first of its kind in the legal training space worldwide and has already received brilliant reviews from lawyers who have tried it.

The only corner you should cut when it comes to your CPD compliance is the time it takes to organise it! That's why LawCPD offers a full range of CPD Compliance Packs tailored to specific practice areas. Each Pack allows you to seamlessly become compliant with up-to-date and engaging content to make the most of your mandatory training requirements.

Choose your Pack now:

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