10 CPD Courses Lawyers Need in 2024

Stay ahead of the key changes affecting the profession this year. Choose from these top courses to make the most out of your 10 mandatory hours of professional development.

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As 2024 advances, the legal profession is set to navigate an ever-evolving landscape, marked by significant legislative changes and the rapid adoption of new technologies.

Using your 10 hours of mandatory CPD learning wisely enables you to stay up-to-date and ensures you meet your annual requirements. Read on to discover the most popular professional development topics that you will need to keep ahead and succeed in the year ahead.

One of the most transformative changes ahead is the integration of generative AI in legal practice. This technology is set to revolutionise traditional workflows, making proficiency with AI tools a critical competency for lawyers. From automating routine tasks to providing deeper insights for complex legal analyses, the effective leverage of AI can significantly enhance both the efficiency and the quality of legal services.

There are also significant shifts in workplace safety laws, which are moving from reactive compliance to preventative action. The introduction of a new positive duty on employers, including law firms, to take proactive steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and the renewed focus on psychosocial hazards are two examples of these changes. These changes require lawyers to have a comprehensive understanding of legal obligations and develop practical strategies to cultivate a respectful and safe work environment.

In addition to these developments, the ongoing challenges of data privacy, cyber security, and the need for effective conflict resolution remain critical areas of focus. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, understanding the legal and practical aspects of cyber resilience is crucial for protecting client data and maintaining trust.

Discover below a list of the top 10 CPD courses for 2024 curated by the LawCPD team to to equip lawyers like you with the knowledge and skills you will need to excel in this dynamic environment:

Check out the top 10 most popular CPD courses to help you get ahead in 2024:

  1. Generative AI for Lawyers
  2. Contract Design for Lawyers: Enhancing Clarity and Compliance
  3. Lawyers’ Ethical Duties in the Digital Age
  4. Working with Emotions: Foundations for Better Conflict Resolution
  5. Data Breach: Proactive Prevention & Effective Response
  6. Innovating Dispute Resolution: Collaborative Law Fundamentals
  7. Eliminating Sex-Based Workplace Misconduct: New Positive Duty
  8. Navigating Cyber Threats
  9. Writing Submissions: Learning to Become a More Persuasive Advocate
  10. Ethical Decision Making for Lawyers

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