Artificial intelligence is now training Australian lawyers

Sarah Mateljan, co-founder of LawCPD, spoke to Lawyers Weekly about the new innovation from LawCPD – an AI-powered learning feature.

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Legal education is undergoing a process of continuous transformation, mirroring the technological revolutions that have reshaped our world over the past 50 years. From the traditional classroom settings of universities, where until recently some resources were available only in hard copy, to digital platforms for CPD and online training, the way lawyers learn and refine their skills has evolved dramatically.

Enter, generative AI

A pivotal turning point in this evolution is the advent of generative AI, a sophisticated form of artificial intelligence capable of creating a vast range of new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. This technology is already profoundly impacting various industries, including the legal profession, by offering new opportunities and transforming how we work.

The introduction of generative AI into the legal profession has been met with both excitement and apprehension. It’s clear that generative AI is highly capable when it comes to automating routine tasks and assisting with document analysis, research, and drafting. This has raised concerns about the displacement or disruption of traditional roles within the profession – particularly those of junior lawyers and paralegals. However, the limitations of generative AI mean its output is only as good as the human supervising it. So it’s unlikely lawyers are at risk of being out of work anytime soon - unless they fail to learn how to get the most out of this technology.

Get on board or get left behind

Whether lawyers choose to actively adopt generative AI or not, it will soon be unavoidable. Many major software products like Microsoft Office Suite and legal research tools like LexisNexis and Westlaw are already integrating generative AI into their core functions. These advances are enabling more efficient research, faster document reviews, and more accurate administration. Already there are many small firms, in-house lawyers, and solo practitioners who are using generative AI to work more efficiently and ‘punch above their weight’, undertaking work they were previously unable to do. But there are also lawyers who are not learning how to engage with generative AI, who run the risk of being left behind.

At LawCPD, we embrace the role of generative AI in shaping the future of legal practice and legal education. Our latest innovation and AI-powered learning feature is driven by cutting-edge generative AI technology. The AI-powered chatbot acts as an expert tutor engaging in one-on-one interactions with lawyers, offering personalised feedback and guidance to support their learning. This feature brings the concept of a personal tutor into the digital age, making advanced legal education more accessible and interactive.

LawCPD products that include its new AI-powered feature:

Introducing LawCPD’s AI-powered learning

Reflecting on how legal education has transformed since my own law school days, it’s clear that the AI-powered feature we have developed is not simply an educational tool; it’s a potent symbol of how far we’ve come. The ability to effectively interact with AI will soon be an essential skill for lawyers alongside traditional skills such as legal research, drafting, and advocacy.

Lawyers who embrace AI will gain an undeniable competitive advantage. But many lawyers struggle with how and where to start learning how to use generative AI. That’s why the AI-powered feature we have developed at LawCPD has been designed to educate and empower lawyers to learn about the law while simultaneously learning how to use generative AI itself. As we continue to innovate, we aim to lead the charge in adopting new technologies in ways that ensure that lawyers are equipped not just for the ‘now’ but for ‘what’s next’.

The integration of AI into legal practice is not a distant vision – it’s our current reality. As legal professionals, we stand at a crossroads: we can either embrace this transformative change or risk being left behind. At LawCPD, our commitment is clear – we choose to innovate in ways that educate and empower lawyers, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. offers over 100 hours of interactive, engaging online CPD courses you can complete on demand 24/7. Learn more at

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