FY 24-25: Navigating evolving career expectations in the legal market

As we expect new trends to emerge, law firms and lawyers should embrace the current trends to avoid getting left behind in the ever-changing landscape of the legal industry.

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The Australian legal recruitment market is showing a positive overall outlook for the new financial year 2024-2025, and law firms are expected to sustain this position by embracing innovation and staying open to constant changes in employees’ career expectations.

The previous financial year revealed trends in the legal market which impacted the workplace strategies of law firms and career expectations of legal professionals. With more firms implementing inclusive and flexible work arrangements, and with the integration of AI in providing enhanced client service, the workplace is seeing changes in workload structures and team dynamics, as well as a need to focus on employee development to help them adapt to the ongoing transformation.

How law firms can stay ahead

With heightened competition in a candidate-short market, law firms should revisit their current policies and adjust their strategies according to the emerging trends.

Inclusive techniques must be at the forefront of firms’ hiring processes, to ensure that career opportunities reach legal professionals from diverse backgrounds, especially those from underrepresented and minority groups. Training programs must be provided to recruitment teams to help eliminate hiring biases and maximise different channels for increased talent accessibility.

Law firms should also strengthen their DEI initiatives to ensure that concrete actions are made to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Schemes for reporting of microaggressions and harassment should be prioritised to ensure that incidents are investigated and addressed to foster a safe and inclusive working environment.

Holistic compensation packages are also expected to be introduced by more firms to attract and retain talent. Alongside competitive salaries and flexible work arrangements, some law firms have started adding benefits such as tuition reimbursement, mentorship programs, and AI training to ensure employee engagement and productivity, which other firms can use as baselines.

What lawyers should look out for

With the ongoing digital transformation and constant changes in the workplace, lawyers should strategically plan their trajectory to future-proof their career in the legal industry.

Lawyers should maximise pay transparency and latest salary reports to assess if their pay is in line with the current market standards. Moreover, lawyers who are considering a career move at the onset of the new financial year should start exploring career opportunities in locations showing high demand for their practice. Focusing on AI training is also a strategic move as demand for legal services and expertise in AI grows in line with the rapid technological innovations.

Connecting exceptional talent and opportunity

Clients’ needs and demands also evolve as law firms adapt to the emerging trends. In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the legal industry, firms and exceptional talents must find their way to connect with each other.

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Similarly, if you are a lawyer planning your next career move, reach out to us and let’s discuss the range of opportunities offered by the dynamic legal market. Be connected with firms that align with your career aspirations and personal lifestyle.

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