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My next move: What’s magic about the Magic Circle?

My next move: What’s magic about the Magic Circle?

Most Australian lawyers want to join a Magic Circle firm when they decide they want to work in London, Asia, the Middle East, Moscow and other overseas locations. Why is that?

Firstly, there is a perception that the Magic Circle firms offer the best quality of work if you want to work at the top end of town and work on the most complex, high-value and newsworthy deals or matters.

Secondly, there are a significant number of Australian partners who have spent time at a firm in London (or beyond) and this is usually a Magic Circle firm. This means there is a perception that working with a Magic Circle firm is a career-enhancing move - and it is usually true. If you look at the number of Australian partners in Australia who have worked overseas, most will have spent time with a Magic Circle firm. Most Australian partners working internationally will either currently be with a Magic Circle firm or will have worked at one at some point.

Thirdly, Magic Circle firms’ professional support departments, structured career development programmes and ongoing training and education programmes are unrivalled.


Fourthly, opportunities for secondments to blue-chip clients and further international secondments or transfers are commonplace.

Fifthly, the prestige of the brand cannot be underestimated. Lawyers feel proud to be working for a Magic Circle firm.

Finally, with Allen & Overy and Clifford Chance being in Australia now, there is an opportunity to have a global career and to return home with one firm. As much as Australian lawyers love working for Magic Circle firms, the Magic Circle love Australian lawyers; Allen & Overy is currently recruiting banking, finance and projects lawyers for a number of
their international offices and are specifically looking at Australia as a source of talent.

Firms see Australian lawyers as well educated, well trained and as having a good work ethic. Australians comprise up to a third of the lawyers in some teams in the Magic Circle firms and these firms continuously look to Australia
to supply talented lawyers.

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