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Partner Profile: Sylvia Fernandez

Partner Profile: Sylvia Fernandez

Every week we ask a law firm partner a series of rapid-fire questions about their career. This week: Holding Redlich's Sylvia Fernandez

1. Which firm are you with?

Holding Redlich

2. When did you join that firm?

October 1997

3. When were you made a partner of that firm?

July 2001

4. Which firm were you at most recently prior to this?

Dunhill Madden Butler

5. What practice group are you with?

Dispute Resolution and Litigation – Sydney

6. What has been the most significant change to your practice area during your career?

I am a litigator with a special interest in information technology and intellectual property. My observation is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

My experience is that while most commercial enterprises value and protect their intellectual property capital, there are always some who do not think the cost of registration for a statutory protection warrants the benefits. This creates difficulties for protection later on when competitors start to use that unprotected branding. I see this frequently in my practice.

Unfortunately I also see all too often the failure of IT implementation projects and the cost and waste that arises from these failures. The seeds for minimising risk in this area lie in contract drafting and management.

7. What has been a major career highlight for you?

There is a great thing about becoming more senior in the law and that is the reward you get from being able to serve the profession. I appreciate being a member of the NSW Law Society’s committee for Litigation Law and Practice, the Supreme Court Rules Committee and other court user groups on which I represent and support the profession and its standards. The work is very satisfying and it is a pleasure to meet and work with other members of the profession.

8. What do you like about being a lawyer?

I enjoy practice in the company of an extremely experienced group of litigators at Holding Redlich. I feel extremely lucky to work with them.

9. What do you find challenging?

The challenges in litigation are really about problem solving. It is the problem-solving element I enjoy the most and that is what makes being a litigator interesting.

10. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love to spend all the time I can with my husband and my two young daughters. All of whom are at a very amusing stage.

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