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I am seeking to move this year, is it now too late?

I am seeking to move this year, is it now too late?

The simple answer is it’s never too late.

Traditionally, Q4 is a busy time for both junior and senior lawyers seeking new opportunities. Notwithstanding that there is generally less demand in the market across all levels and all disciplines of law, there are still plenty of firms looking to secure lateral hires before Christmas.

In buoyant times, firms are busy recruiting until after close of business on Christmas Eve, and while it is safe to assume that the close of this year won’t be quite as robust, it is also safe to assume that firms will be interviewing well into mid December. This leaves a good three months for those still seeking a new role for 2013 to get themselves into the market.

The trick is to be flexible and organised. If you have legitimate reasons for looking for a new role there may well be a perfect role out there for you now. Similarly, for some the perfect role may not exist for six to 12 months.

There is no denying that the range of options the market generally enjoyed several years ago is not out there in similar quantity. If it’s time to look for a new role then do so as there are definitely some great opportunities out there — but don’t settle for something that isn’t going to be a meaningful next move simply because you are frustrated with the lack of options at the present time.

For those not in a rush to move, the market is unlikely to pick up again until after Australia Day 2013, by which time, with any luck, the market will be feeling a lot more settled and hopefully heading in an upward direction.

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