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My next move: Will it impact my long-term career goals if I move for money too frequently?
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My next move: Will it impact my long-term career goals if I move for money too frequently?

Changing jobs for a salary increase may offer a short-term gain, but it can be detrimental to your long-term career if it is the only reason for several moves.

The job-for-life culture is long gone, but employers are starting to pass over candidates who have held three or four permanent jobs over the past six years.

Given not only the cost but time involved in inducting and training a new staff member, employers want to hire a stable and loyal candidate rather than take a risk on a candidate who is likely to resign after only a short time in the role to chase more money elsewhere.

Not that this is an unusual reason for moving onto a new role, recent research has shown that the biggest motivating factor to keep an employee in their current role is an increase in salary.

However, rather than progressing quickly through a series of jobs offering a slight salary increase, I would advise to instead focus on a long-term career, keeping in mind your goals and looking for opportunities that will develop your career in the direction you want to go.

In this way, you will expand your skills and expertise and ultimately achieve your long-term career goals.  

This will also ensure that your personal brand in the market remains positive since you will gain a reputation of loyalty.

It’s also worth considering that as a result of your expanding expertise your salary will naturally rise over time.
Weigh up all your options before making any career move.

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