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Fitting the bill: characteristics of rising leaders
International firm comes under fire in Federal Court:

Fitting the bill: characteristics of rising leaders

The question of leadership, and the failings of leaders, has become a hot topic in the wake of the global financial crisis and the aftermath of the downturn has seen a new emphasis

on the qualities of good leaders. We look at what are the essential characteristics of today's rising leaders.

Ambitious: Emerging executives are highly ambitious, but retain a balance between their ambition and arrogance. They are comfortable with their assessment of a situation.

Decisive: They aren't afraid of making decisions at an operational, tactical and strategic level. They don't hesitate to take action and responsibility for driving change, and can handle lots of information from a variety of perspectives to make effective, strong decisions.

Brave: They should be able to walk into a boardroom and hold their own. They need to be flexible, knowledgeable and have impact. A good emerging leader remains calm, in control, garnering respect by the way they hold themselves and delivering messages with confidence.

Empowering: They have the ability to empower other people in an organisation. They are happy to push decision-making downwards and don't need to hold onto a lot of the nitty-gritty work. They promote other people's ownership while still providing guidance and support to their team.

Entrepreneurial: They tend to be entrepreneurial, looking outside to see what's going on in the marketplace. They seek out innovative solutions to problems, challenge set paradigms, and reject the status quo. They focus on external drivers rather than just internal ones.

Visionary: They are able to set strategic direction, seeing where a business is heading and understanding the short-and long-term issues. They tend to be quite innovative, stepping outside the box and are able to put guidelines in place to set the pace of change and make things happen.

Source: Development Dimensions International (DDI)

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