Four ways e-conveyancing can benefit you and your clients

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Contemplating the switch to e-conveyancing? Consider these simple ways PEXA can save you time and money while improving the service you offer your customers.

Four ways e-conveyancing can benefit you and your clients
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MORE THAN 3,500 property lawyers and conveyancers have already begun the transition to an entirely digital property lodgement and settlement solution through PEXA, joining the 77 financial institutions already taking advantage of the efficiency gains on offer. With the industry striving towards 100 per cent online network participation, making the change to e-conveyancing will be the best thing you do for the future viability and success of your practice. Think back to the introduction of internet banking – what once seemed scary is now critical in day-to-day life. Here are a few ways e-conveyancing can have the same positive impact on your business:

1. Greater certainty 
PEXA’s pre-lodgement verification ensures all participating parties have accurate information before proceeding to settlement. Furthermore, you can see where your counterparty or participating financial institutions are in the process, meaning you can provide accurate information directly to your client with the click of a button.

2. More time in your day
Forget about waiting on hold with the bank or traipsing down to a settlement room. PEXA removes the most time consuming and frustrating parts of your day, giving you back precious time.

3. Flexibility
Property lawyers don’t have to be in their office or at an appointed place to settle a property. In fact, you could be 8,500 feet above sea level as Craig Green, a Gadens Brisbane based banking and finance partner recently was. PEXA means you no longer need to be in a settlement room or in front of your computer for a successful settlement.

4. Keep your clients happy
PEXA dramatically improves your customer service offering by providing you with up-to-date information and the ability to easily arrange or re-book settlement online. Depending on the vendor’s financial institution, the vendor may receive their funds on the same day as settlement. Buyers will have peace of mind with real time lodgement on title.

You can also offer your clients a free PEXA integrated app, SettleMe. This allows your client to keep up-to-date with their property transaction and you to set tasks for them via the app, meaning fewer phone calls. 

Here’s what members of the PEXA network have said after welcoming e-conveyancing into their business:

“The introduction of electronic settlements is singularly the most significant advancement in technology to benefit the conveyancing profession” – Paul Denny, Paul Denny Conveyancing.

“Electronic settlements also mean that staff do not have to travel away from the office to attend settlement and town agents are not needed for different settlement locations. All of this means we can have direct control of the settlement and more time available for our clients” – Hal Ing, Partner, Finemore Walters & Story.

Are you ready to make the switch to PEXA? Our PEXA Direct Specialists offer a free personal service and have already visited and assisted more than 1,000 firms around the country transition their business for e-conveyancing.

Contact us now to organise your PEXA Direct Specialist on 1300 084 515 or visit to ­find out more. 


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