In-house only firm to help bolster legal operations education

In-house only firm to help bolster legal operations education

13 November 2018 By Grace Ormsby
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A firm that hires in-house lawyers exclusively has signed a partnership agreement that will clarify understanding of legal operations.

Lexvoco has announced a new partnership with the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia (ACC), as the organisation’s official legal operations partner.

As an in-house-only firm, lexvoco hopes to use the partnership as a platform “to educate the industry”, and minimise instances where clients are “being drawn down a rabbit hole to buy a tech product because it’s got ‘legal operations’ attached to its name or tagline.”

It also has plans to educate ACC members “that you don’t need a big tech budget to improve your legal operations.”


CEO of lexvoco Anthony Wright said the partnership “cements our position as the industry leader in legal operations and supports our purpose to help in-house lawyers in Australasia succeed.”

For the firm’s head of legal operations, Jason Ryan, the partnership offers an opportunity to improve understanding around legal operations and negate “legal operations” from being used as “a buzz phrase that is getting thrown around left, right and centre, particularly by legal tech providers.”

“The whole premise of legal operations is problem led,” Mr Ryan said, “to discover the root causes of inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and from there, using design thinking, develop an integrated plan to transform how the team works.”

He highlighted that “this integrated plan may or may not include technology.”

“There are huge gains to be had through non-tech problem solving which can then be supercharged with medium or high-tech solutions.”


Mr Ryan said that while “there is a lot that can be done to improve legal operations without any tech at all,” he is also wary of clients being misled by “single tech product providers that are calling themselves legal operations software or apps.”

“A tech provider that only produces one tech product is solution-led, not problem-led, and is completely biased in what the solution should be,” he explained.

In-house only firm to help bolster legal operations education
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