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Aussie firm flags importance of ‘sustainable’ legal teams

An Australian law firm has introduced a new professional coaching and development program aimed to address the “imperative” need for senior legal counsel to manage their teams sustainably. 

user iconEmma Musgrave 07 May 2019 Corporate Counsel
McCullough Robertson
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McCullough Robertson’s 12-month ‘Tomorrow’s GC Executive Education’ program has just been released as a means to “provide the GCs of tomorrow with the personal skills to thrive in the changing role”.

The program includes executive coaching sessions on authentic leadership, team dynamics and legal project management and innovation, aiming to ensure participants have a level of competency and skill across these areas, while the final key topic offered focuses on health and well-being of the GC and their team.


“As business priorities continue to be re-evaluated, it is now imperative for senior legal counsel and in particular GCs, to be able to not only deliver high quality results with fewer resources available to them, but also manage their teams sustainably,” a statement from the firm said.

Adding to this, McCullough Robertson employment relations and safety partner Scarlet Reid said that being able to holistically look after a team is challenging, but can make a huge difference to encouraging a positive team dynamic, and ensuring the highest standards.

“The workplace has evolved over recent years and there is more emphasis on employee health and well-being than ever before. This is particularly the case in legal teams who deal with high pressure and significant work on a daily basis. It is important that teams feel supported by their GCs,” said Ms Reid.

While there is an acknowledged industry-wide priority campaign to ensure the health and well-being of lawyers, that is often reserved for lawyers within private practice, according to Ms Reid.

“There is a common misconception, that in-house lawyers have a greater work/life balance. On the contrary, in-house lawyers, and in particular GCs, have a challenging and ever-demanding commercial role. This is underpinned by the need for technical accuracy, and the pressure of managing their own development and health and well-being, as well as that of their team,” she said.

“The GCs ability to recognise the importance of their own mental health state, and that of their team is essential to continue to deliver results, encourage accountability and continue to perform at a high level. The Tomorrow’s GC Executive Education program provides support on sustainably leading high performing teams. We are really excited to work with general counsels on their own growth and development in this and other important areas.”

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