The Corporate Counsel Show: Is the law department at risk of becoming irrelevant?

In this special episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, produced in partnership with LawVu, we explore new and better ways of working for law departments of all stripes and detail practical steps to ensure the legal team is a driving force – particularly at a time of inflection for such professionals.

Sponsored by Lawvu 13 June 2024 Corporate Counsel
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Host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes back LawVu chief legal evangelist Shaun Plant to discuss his new book, How to make in-house a powerhouse: A revolutionary way of working for in-house legal teams, and why he wanted to write it, the longstanding challenges facing law departments across the board, the history of the general counsel, and whether we are at an inflection point for the law department’s relevance.

Plant also details the external factors changing the working environment for in-house lawyers, his proposed framework for law departments to become more of a driving force within a business, how to address the daily operational and practical challenges for those teams, the questions that departments need to be asking of themselves to get the most value out of new approaches, and why law departments have no option but to adapt moving forward.

To learn more about LawVu, click here. To learn more about Shaun Plant’s book, click here.

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