The future will be more efficient, not artificialFeb 13 2020

AI isn’t coming for our jobs in the middle of the night, for if there is one task for which humans will always be better than computers, i

by Richard Prangell


Feb 12 2020How legal firms can unlock the power of data

Over the last few years, the legal industry has seen rapid transformation as firms look to integrate...

by Michael Bishop

Feb 10 2020Price, progress, productivity: 3 pillars to profitability

There’s a world of information out there which examines the best ways to increase profit in busine...

by Rafe Berding

Feb 09 2020Law students and graduates need predictability

Young lawyers are the future talent of our profession and, as a cohort, face demanding conditions, w...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Feb 03 2020Entrenched firm cultures can no longer be ignored

Law firms have been put on notice about their treatment of junior lawyers and graduates. It was a lo...

by The [Pre] Lawyer in Black

Britain is bracing for a brave new post-Brexit worldFeb 02 2020

Numerous questions and issues remain unresolved regarding trade and bilateral relationships, writes Emma Langley. ...

by Emma Langley

What does your personality say about your choice of career in law?Jan 28 2020

To be a successful lawyer in 2020, you no longer have to pursue one traditional career route. Now there are several different options suitin...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘No one is forcing you to be a lawyer’ is no justification for imposing long hoursJan 27 2020

Tired tropes that espouse how young lawyers simply need to suck it up and get used to long hours are becoming a minority, but not fast enoug...

by Jerome Doraisamy

What factors are preventing innovation in-house?Jan 21 2020

Australia is a country the world should be keeping its eyes on for legal tech in 2020, despite adoption not being at the levels it should, w...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Technology is disrupting the legal industry – lawyers should prepareJan 20 2020

From legislated smart contracts to a national blockchain network, disruption of the legal industry is underway. The good news is there are n...

by Arthur Marusevich