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The Corporate Counsel Show: ‘We are building the plane as we fly’

The most successful fast-growing companies are ones that are not only open to change, but are “naturally wired” to be comfortable practising and operating in non-traditional modes. The law department plays a critical role in driving such an approach.
user iconRobyn Tongol 31 August 2022 Podcast
The Corporate Counsel Show: ‘We are building the plane as we fly’
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On this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by general counsel and company secretary Jennifer Mulheron to discuss what life is like at the healthcare tech start-up and why such work is so rewarding, the importance of being open-minded with shifts in one’s career trajectory, and managing the juggle of being GC and co sec.
Ms Mulheron also delves into the hurdles for tech start-ups to overcome in the current climate, moving past a risk-averse mindset, trends on the horizon for in-house lawyers in this space moving forward, whether merger and acquisition lawyers are well-suited to life in tech start-ups, and getting comfortable with practising and advising clients in different ways in the new normal.

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