Navigating the spike in separations and other market trends

In this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Settify, we explore the circumstances that have led to an increase in family separations and inquiries to practitioners and how best those professionals can ensure optimal client service delivery moving forward.

Promoted by Settify 05 February 2024 Podcast
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Host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Settify global chief executive Paul Psaltis to discuss the seasonal nature of increased separations and subsequent inquiries and how the current climate is perpetuating such a spike, the implications for the market and practitioners alike, the existence of a “perfect storm” in this practice area (including more acrimonious separations), and the need to find new and more creative ways to engage as a practitioner.

The pair also reflect on the questions that lawyers in this space should be asking of themselves and their practices, undergoing a mindset and practical shift in one’s daily operations, overcoming key hurdles that impede business development, making necessary investments in one’s practice, and the opportunities that can and will flow from the utilisation of the right technologies and platforms.

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