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Learning from life’s major milestones

As lawyer Melisa Sloan has discovered, making time to properly reflect on significant rites of passage – from buying your first home to caring for an ageing parent – not only offers pertinent personal lessons but also makes one a better professional.

user iconRobyn Tongol 03 June 2024 Podcast
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In this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Madison Sloan Lawyers founder Melisa Sloan about her journey in law to date, how and why she discovered the importance of reflecting on the big moments in life, what she has gleaned from such reflections, and what others can learn from such experiences.

Sloan also stresses the importance of regular reflection, how busy professionals like lawyers can make time (rather than find time) to take stock of life’s happenings, why it is so meaningful and purposeful, how to identify moments in life to reflect on, and the practical steps to take in doing so.


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