Improving your firm’s cash flow

In this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with FeeSynergy, we explore how a firm’s processes can and should be enhanced, including improvements to debtor management, payments, and the overall client user experience.

Sponsored by FeeSynergy 27 June 2024 Podcast
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Host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by FeeSynergy founder and director Miki Simonovski to discuss the ever-increasing importance of ensuring efficient cash flow for your business, best practice client experience when it comes to invoice design and self-service capability, and how law firm owners and business leaders are creating unnecessary headaches for themselves.

Miki Simonovski also delves into current issues being seen with debtor management, payment and billing processes and models, client payments, how these issues can be overcome by legal businesses, and how firms can ensure easy wins.

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