Dominic Nguyen - Integrating Property Expertise into Family Law

Meet Dominic Nguyen, the co-founder of Unified Lawyers and a celebrated property and family lawyer who has taken his expertise and used it to significantly enrich his and Unified Lawyers’ approach to family law.

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What inspired you to follow a career in the legal profession?

I initially studied a Bachelor of Construction at the University of Technology, Sydney. Whilst doing these studies, I was intrigued by the legal intricacies of development, property, real estate and the building and construction industry.

I went on to study law and worked for several firms that specialised in the construction industry. This experience demonstrated to me the importance of legal frameworks in every property transaction and how an intricate understanding of those frameworks can improve the services I provide for my clients.

Over time, my interest on the impact of the law in property transactions developed and I became interested in how these principles apply to other areas, and soon I made the transition into family law.

This was driven by a desire to combine my property law expertise and general interest in the law with a more personal area of the law.

In family law, I found a field where I could use my specialised knowledge in property matters to help people get through an extremely difficult period in their life.

Family law matters can extend into so many different areas of law, including property law, so having my property background has allowed me, and our firm, to have a more unique and well-rounded approach.

What's your approach to client service that separates you from the rest?

My approach to client service is deeply rooted in empathy.

Property and family law cases often involve significant emotional and financial stakes, which are very specific to each individual client; I strive to offer not just legal guidance, but also support and understanding.

My property law background equips me with unique insights and is useful in cases involving financial adjustments and settlements – especially when matters like commercial businesses, trusts and properties are at stake. My ongoing family law experience and exposure ensures that I can craft more strategic and informed solutions that address both the legal and personal needs of a client's situation.

How do you innovate and stay ahead of industry trends?

Innovation in my practice involves a blend of staying updated with the latest legal developments and leveraging technology to enhance client service.

I am committed to understanding the evolving landscape of both property and family law, recognising that changes in one can significantly impact the other.

At Unified Lawyers, we also focus on engaging with new legal technologies that streamline processes and improve client experience, ensuring that our family law firm stays at the forefront of legal innovation.

We learn from every matter that we have, and each of our client’s experience. This continues to help us develop our services and lets us notice gaps in the industry, which we work to fill.

What is the toughest challenge you've faced in your role? How did you overcome it?

Merging the worlds of property and family law has been my most challenging yet rewarding endeavour.

The complexity lies in applying the concrete, transactional nature of property law to the more fluid and emotionally charged nature of family law.

I tackled this challenge by dedicating myself to continuous learning and being adaptable to the needs of each unique case.

Combining these worlds has also allowed me to educate and mentor other colleagues and legal professionals to understand the intersections between these two fields. It has also allowed Unified Lawyers as a firm to provide our clients with a full service from the beginning of their matter to the end by allowing our family law and property team to work together to meet the needs of our clients.

What are some of your goals for the next 5 years?

Looking ahead, I am focused on further solidifying the integration of property and family law in our firm.

This involves not only applying property law principles in family law cases but also shaping how these fields can inform and improve each other.

A key aspect of my five-year plan is mentorship. I aim to guide younger lawyers in understanding the interconnectedness of different legal areas and the value of a holistic legal approach.

I also plan to spearhead initiatives that incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative legal strategies to enhance our clients’ experiences with our firm.

What is your advice for any younger lawyers who look to follow in your footsteps?

To those entering the legal profession, my advice is to embrace the interconnectedness of different legal disciplines.

A well-rounded understanding of various legal fields is invaluable and allows a lawyer to meet their client’s needs as they arise.

This multidisciplinary approach not only enhances your ability to provide comprehensive legal services but also prepares you for the complexities and nuances of modern legal practice.

Stay curious and commit to continuous learning and adaptation as you strive to become a successful family lawyer. Remember, excelling in the legal profession is about more than just understanding the law; it's equally about comprehending the diverse needs and nuances of people, a critical aspect of family law.

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