Colourful reason for brand new logo

28 June 2012 By Justin Whealing

We thought it was all about the money, but apparently the alliance between Allens and Linklaters involved an analysis of shapes and colours that would do Picasso and van Gogh proud, particularly during their absinthe drinking days.

Folklaw was woken from its winter slumber early in the week when it received a missive from the brand design company that worked on the new logo for Allens and Linklaters.

While Folklaw always thought the blue and red colours were chosen because the head of Allens is a Sydney Roosters fan and the head of Linklaters supports Crystal Palace, apparently those colours were chosen for a much higher reason.

According to Hulsbosch (‘Communication by Design’), the “creative solution” they came up with “delivers a name and identity that clearly communicates the alliance between the two entities while maintaining their individual integrity”.


So, how does it do that?

“The design achieves this using a shared and equally-balanced typeface, retaining the Linklaters corporate colour of magenta and introducing a complimentary tone of blue for the Allens name.”

Hmmm. Not much “maintaining their individual integrity” for Allens, given that it has had to adopt a new “corporate colour” and, like Pele and Bono, be referred to by one name.

Hulsbosch head honcho Hans Hulsbosch also said that research revealed a clear set of attributes for Allens, which included “confidence, innovation, intelligence, esteem, inspiration and respect”.

With clients such as Rio Tinto and the big four banks, Allens is one of the most successful law firms in Australia and a regular presence in the most powerful boardrooms around the country.

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However, Folklaw wonders whether Hulsbosch went as far back as the early ’90s in his analysis, when Adrian Powles, the partner in charge of Allens' London office, was found to have defrauded clients of the firm, of which he was once the managing partner, to the tune of $US40 million?

This century, of course, we have also had the firm’s role advising James Hardie and, more recently, Philip Morris to throw into the mix.

Folklaw has looked and looked again and doesn’t quite get the “creative outcome” envisaged by Hans.

The “magenta” (poor man’s red) is lovely, and the Dylan fans might dub the new Allens colour as being “baby blue”.

However, we still have many questions that we don’t think the magenta, complimentary blue and arrows pointing in different directions answer.

Namely, what does this alliance mean exactly? Will there be a full merger down the track? Will there be a combined Christmas party and which firm’s lawyers will get their presents first?

Hans, can you call any mates you might have at the Labor Party and get a focus group together?

Colourful reason for brand new logo
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