The importance of being Ernest

03 July 2012 By Reporter

An American lawyer has asked to suspend a murder trial so he can compete in an Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest.

Frank Louderback is an attorney representing a man accused in a murder-for-hire scheme. He also has an uncanny resemblance to American author Ernest Hemmingway.


He believes in the importance of being Ernest so strongly, in fact, that he filed a motion to postpone the trial for a day so he could compete in a look-alike competition.

The US District Court Judge Steven Merryday is also a fan of American literature, it seems. He answered the lawyer’s motion with a quote from a New Yorker article about Hemingway, the Miami Herald reported.

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“Perhaps a lawyer who evokes Hemingway can resist relaxing frolic in favour of solemn duty,” wrote Merryday. He then quoted Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises: “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”

“Between a murder-for-hire trial and an annual lookalike contest, surely Hemingway, a perfervid admirer of grace under pressure, would choose the trial,” Merryday continued.

“Best of luck to counsel in next year’s contest. The motion is denied.”

Louderback told MSNBC he appreciated the Hemmingway reference, describing the judge’s statement as a “literary gem”.

The bearded lawyer has entered in the contest three times, but hasn’t ever won, reported the Tampa Bay Times. He has decided to keep his name in the contest in case he can make it in time if he dashes there straight after court.

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The importance of being Ernest
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