Is work driving you crazy?

23 November 2012 By Reporter

Does your law firm colleague exude confidence or seem slightly on the ambitious side? Do they love making executive decisions and slamming juniors?

If you answered yes to those questions, tread carefully, because it’s possible you could be in the company of a psychopath.

Now, Folklaw doesn't wish to alarm anyone but, according to a new book, your “super boss” could be about to mentally destroy you. Psychopaths, the book argues, gravitate towards and thrive in professions that require cut-throat decision making and offer power.

Lawyers are second on the ‘most likely to be a psychopath’ list, with only CEOs ranked higher.


Eh, Folklaw wonders what that means for managing partners of law firms? Double trouble?

Think of all the objective, clinical decisions the lead partner was making on that debt hybrid capital raising. The corporate group in private practice would appear a perfect incubator for a budding psychopath. Opportunities abound in auto finance-backed securitisation deals for lawyers to undermine their colleagues and “mentally destroy” others, especially those poor graduate lawyers, to feed their own yearning for power and domination.

Psychopaths apparently don’t feel any guilt over their actions but rather quite enjoy the suffering of other people. They often exhibit anti-social behaviour and callousness …sound like anyone in the office?

The word psychopath usually conjures up images of serial killers and rapists. Many serial killers are indeed psychopaths, but not every psychopath is murderous.

Somehow, Folklaw is not entirely comforted by that fact.

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According to the book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, you might want to watch your back at your next board meeting or work Christmas party.

Also, if you notice anyone with impaired smell ability, be on guard. Researchers at Sydney's Macquarie University recently discovered that psychopaths have a remarkably poor sense of smell. Could be dangerous…

Top jobs for psychopaths:

1. CEO
2. Lawyer
3. Media (TV/radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police officer
8. Member of the clergy
9. Chef
10. Civil servant

In contrast, professions that involve empathy and human interaction are likely to be psychopath free.

Least likely professions for psychopaths:

1. Care aide
2. Nurse
3. Therapist
4. Craftsperson
5. Beautician/Stylist
6. Charity worker
7. Teacher
8. Creative artist
9. Doctor
10. Accountant

Is work driving you crazy?
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