No love for lawyers

16 July 2013 By Brigid O Gorman

More than a third of Americans think lawyers contribute nothing, or very little, to society.

That’s harsh America...


Lawyers ranked as the least appreciated group in society in a survey of more than 4000 people conducted by the Pew Research Centre; only 18 per cent of respondents thought lawyers contributed a lot to society, compared to 78 per cent who said the military contributed a lot.

Appreciation of lawyers has dropped since 2009, the last time this survey was carried out; four years ago 23 per cent of Yanks thought lawyers contributed a lot.

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The military was the highest-rated group, followed by teachers (72%), medical doctors (66%), scientists (65%) and engineers (63%).

However, Folklaw can’t be too smug about lawyers’ bad rating; journalists came third from the bottom, with 27 per cent saying us wicked writers contribute nothing at all to society. Journos have also dropped the most in public esteem; four years ago 38 per cent thought media heads contributed a lot, while now only 28 per cent say journalists contribute a lot to society.

Folklaw would beg to differ; we know all you lawyers would be miserable without our thrice weekly witticisms!

Although, when you’re as disliked as a profession as you lot, it’s possible you’re kind of miserable anyway...

Business executives were second from the bottom, with just less than a quarter of respondents (24%) rating their contribution to society highly.

No love for lawyers
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