Firm happiness Pharrell-style (1)

19 June 2014 By Malavika Santhebennur

Folklaw stumbled on a video made by the lawyers who are all jiggin’ and jivin’ to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.

Tortfeasor: An individual who commits a wrongful act that injures another and for which the law provides a legal right to seek relief.

Why the definition you ask?

Well, Folklaw stumbled on a video made by the lawyers in a US firm, Vinson & Elkins, where they are all jiggin’ and jivin’ to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.


And yep…they named it Tartfeasors.

Being new to the world of law and lawyers, Folklaw had to do a bit of digging (Google Tartfeasors) to find out if it was a pun.

An appropriate pun it is: individuals have definitely committed wrongful acts. They have definitely injured the viewer’s eyes.

But can the law help Folklaw seek relief?

The video starts with a very suave looking young man in a trendy straw hat, pumpin’ his moves across the stairwell.

Lawyers Weekly Discover

Shortly after we’re subjected to several other lawyers jumping out of library shelves, and gyrating in lifts.

One man manages to read as he dances. Productivity…

There are people dancing on tables, one man indicating he’s hungry, and several people looking deliriously happy they’ve got food.

Best dancer award

Man at 2:16 – It ain’t easy juggling food and dancing, but this guy’s got it down pat.

Special mentions

Lady at 0:44 – How long since you’ve eaten?
Lady at 1:05 – Sing it girl! It’s your time to shine.
Man at 1:10 – Is that the legal version of the Moonwalk?
Men at 1.50 – Kudos on the synchronised pole jumping.
Break-dancer at 3:06 – That looked like it hurt

All jokes aside, considering how common depression is in the legal profession due to the long, stressful hours, Folklaw thinks it ain’t a bad idea for more firms to put on their Happy shoes and shake it.

Just don’t quit your day jobs.

Pharrell Williams eat your heart out!


Firm happiness Pharrell-style (1)
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