Twist in baffling unclaimed Lotto case

19 January 2015 By Reporter

Investigators have caught a break in a mysterious US $14.3 million unclaimed Lotto ticket mystery involving a New York lawyer.



Iowa man Eddie Raymond Tipton, 51, has been arrested after being identified as the mystery winner of a multimillion-dollar Hot Lotto prize, reports ABC News.

Media reports reveal that Tipton, who is the security director for the Multi-State Lottery Association in Iowa, bought the winning ticket in 2010, despite being legally prohibited. He has been charged with two counts of fraud.

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It’s too late now for anyone to claim the $14.3 million prize. However, one attempt to grab the cash was made just hours before the deadline expired.

Crawford Shaw, 77, a New York lawyer, attempted to claim the ticket in 2011. He said he was representing an anonymous trust and that the proceeds would go to a corporation in Belize, which has a reputation as being a tax haven.

Folklaw gives Shaw an A for effort, but lottery officials were unsurprisingly reluctant to hand over millions to a mystery trust and demanded that Shaw reveal the identity of the winner.

Shaw subsequently withdrew the claim and the $14.3 million was forfeited.

Tipton is being held at the Polk County Jail. Court records do not list an attorney…

Twist in baffling unclaimed Lotto case
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