Law firm’s hound takes to Twitter

12 February 2015 By Felicity Nelson

Courtesy of Hewitts Solicitors

Most dogs like chasing their tails and running after sticks in the park but not Hewie the law firm dog – he’s a professional with a large Twitter following to prove it.

UK firm Hewitts Solicitors’ social media savvy dog (@HewittsHound) can be seen around the office from time to time woofing at clients and accepting pats as payment for services rendered.


To offset his rather scruffy appearance, Hewie often dresses formally with a black tie and has taken to using glasses when reading law volumes.

He is keenly interested in canine affairs and posts dog stories and nature news to his 649 Twitter followers.

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Senior partner John Turner told Legal Cheek that Hewie has pretty well free run of the office apart from the waiting room and the interview rooms.

"This is probably because he adapted so well to office life. It is a great stress-buster to have him around. I know a number of staff members volunteer to take him for walks to chill out.”

The firm is very committed to diversity and does not discriminate based on species: “With very few exceptions, we are all animal lovers at this office.”

“In the past, other members of staff have been accompanied to work by their dogs. Some of the partners catch up with work on a Sunday and bring their animals in. And in the past, I often took my cat into the office for company when going in after hours to work the night shift.”

Law firm’s hound takes to Twitter
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