Veteran’s tip for longevity in law

19 May 2016 By Melissa Coade

The secret for a long and happy career in law is to embrace change, one lawyer who has marked 50 years in practice has said.  

Peter Grinter (pictured) has reached a golden career milestone with 50 years of life in law.

"One of the keys to longevity is to embrace change, which is a constant in today's business world," Mr Grinter said.

The Thomson Geer special counsel signed his articles of clerkship in 1966 and for most of his half century in practice has specialised in property law. He said that a long and successful career comes down to committing to your passion.


"Working in one industry for 50 years probably seems strange, but you can only continue doing something if you enjoy what you do," Mr Grinter said.

"If you love what you are doing, it is far more than just a job."

A lot has changed over 50 years. Mr Grinter reflected on the way technology has transformed how lawyers operate.

"Picture a world with no computers, fax machines or photocopiers. Not even calculators or electric typewriters,” Mr Grinter said.

"The only communication tools were telephones and the postal service, with letters having to be typed on manual typewriters. And to conduct legal research, we had to physically take ourselves to the library and wade through volumes of law books and journals," he added.

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"There was no such thing as the worldwide web."

Mr Grinter said he had no plans to retire any time soon and hopes to continue providing wills and estates advice with Thomson Geer. He has worked for the Australian corporate law firm and its predecessor firms since 1988.

Veteran’s tip for longevity in law
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