Firms to support Victorian go-getters

13 March 2017 By Emma Ryan

A Victorian not-for-project organisation is calling on law firms to join a new project, which aims to lend a hand to high-achievers across the state.

Doxa has urged firms to come together to join Project 120, an initiative aimed to support diverse and talented young minds.

The project has been created firstly identifying 120 first year university undergraduates. Now it is calling for 120 cadetship program partners to take on these committed students, enabling them to complete their studies and eventually land jobs while contributing to building a more diverse and engaged workforce.

According to a statement from Doxa, the cadetship program partners are supported by Doxa, providing a shortlist of talented applicants relevant to their sector, building a learning and development framework, providing mentoring and recruitment support as well as onboarding advice, skilled volunteering and offering opportunities for employees to participate in the cadet’s professional development program.


“Additionally, we administer financial assistance directly to the students, so companies don’t have to,” said Alison Polyik, Doxa general manager partnerships and corporate affairs.

“We also develop employability and personal skills in young people through our tailored professional development program.”

The 120 identified students are from all walks of life, coming from various backgrounds and challenging life circumstances. Around 33 per cent come from rural backgrounds and have moved to Melbourne to complete their tertiary education, according to Doxa.

Ms Polyik noted that Project 120 is the solution for companies seeking intelligent, focused young people to bring a unique set of skills, agility and fresh thinking to the business.

The program is also suitable for organisations looking to attract and recruit a diverse team of talented staff, she said.

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“A diverse and inclusive workplace brings out the best in people. It helps foster greater innovation, increase staff morale and drive stronger business problem-solving capability. Through Project 120, there is a real opportunity for companies to drive positive business results and outcomes,” Ms Polyik said.

“We identify and put forward a high-calibre of first year university undergraduates from a range of backgrounds, who bring valuable skills and new ideas to any business.

“This program is ideal for companies who need smart, forward-thinking and highly engaged individuals for entry level and project tasks. Not only do the students have talented minds, but they’re also highly invested in their studies and are driven to obtain valuable work experience for an employable future.”



Firms to support Victorian go-getters
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